How ‘Apple Gestapo’ hunts down and plugs leaks

Black Friday Apple Blowout - Part III“They call themselves the Worldwide Loyalty Team. Among some employees, they are known as the Apple Gestapo, a group of moles always spying in headquarters and stores, reporting directly to Jobs and Oppenheimer,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo. “Here’s how they hunt people down.”

“‘You may want to know about their Worldwide Loyalty Team,’ Tom told me recently in an email. I read what he had to say,” Diaz reports. “It felt like a description of the Gestapo, without the torture and killing part.”

Diaz reports, “Of course, if Tom had never sent any sensitive information to media outlets, he would have never had the fear of being caught, only to get fired and sued into oblivion by Apple Legal. But the lack of any privacy whatsoever is something that he shared with all his fellow employees.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Diaz shovels quite the load of horse manure in his full article; even going so far as to seemingly blame Apple for a Foxconn worker’s suicide. The fact is: Apple’s secrecy is a valuable commodity and employees who threaten to, or actually do, cost the company money for no good reason whatsoever should be fired. That said, any Apple who wants to anonymously send us a photo, specs list, etc. regarding the oft-rumored tablet or any other top secret product, please feel free to do so at your convenience. wink


  1. MDN’s magic word is usually based on the story. It is not ironic or coincidental when that word can be used in your input to the story.

    However, it still does amaze some of us how many have not noticed this fact. It must be because finding an “ironic coincidence” is more fun than acknowledging something for what it is.

  2. I agree with the Special Forces and lockdowns. If anything gets leaked it would be catastrophic for Apple. The employees are aware that they are watching everything that they do and agreed to it so I don’t see why they would dare leak information in the first place.

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