Does Google have some master plan for world domination or has it merely gone loopy?

Black Friday Apple Blowout - Part III“Google’s Nexus One smartphone is a shot across the bow of many entrenched competitors, enough to make us wonder whether Google has some master plan for world domination or has merely gone loopy,” David Coursey writes for PC World.

“Here are four major topics of Nexus One speculation,” Coursey writes. “For each, I have briefly outlined how Google could be seen as very smart or as more than a little crazy.”

Does Google want to be our phone company?
• Can Google change how handsets are sold?
• How does the Nexus One play into Google’s business model?
• What will the wireless industry’s reaction be?

Coursey writes, “Something makes me think the first Nexus One, whenever it is released, will be just a toe in the water for Google. It won’t be as big a deal as it seems right now.”

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  1. I for one hope that Google is able to break the carrier – device locking habits of US phone companies. We will all win if that’s the case. Apple could have done this with iPhone but ultimately opted to do what was best for Apple instead. (and who can blame them) Google doesn’t have as much to lose here.

  2. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information. All the people who buy a Google Phone will thus be organized. It is the scariest feel good mission in the world. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. “I for one hope that Google is able to break the carrier – device locking habits of US phone companies. (…) Apple could have done this with iPhone but ultimately opted to do what was best for Apple instead.”

    Every single carrier in the world that sells phones directly, and with a term contract, locks devices. Even if the devices aren’t subsidised; they are ALL locked into that carrier.

    There was absolutely NO WAY Apple could have done “that” (what Darkness implies), since if Apple had done “that”, iPhones would have been selling at $800 and up. I can’t imagine anyone buying a phone that’s more expensive than half the laptops that run Windows. Even though the actual price of an iPhone is still around $650 (and up), at least the average consumer doesn’t know that and believes they are getting the iPhone for $200, which to them sound like a more reasonable number.

    Google may well do exactly “that” — sell their phone unlocked, at unsubsidised price. That price is likely to be much higher than the subsidised price of an iPhone. There are no carriers in the US that will offer you discounted plan if you don’t buy a subsidised phone from them. Consequently, even if you buy the new Google phone at full price and bring it to T-Mobile or AT&T, you’ll still be paying $70 per month to either of the two carriers, if you want to use their unlimited data plans. Your only less expensive option would be to buy a voice-only plan and pay for data by usage. Even then, the $40 per month minimum voice plan still contains subsidy for the cheapo dumb-phone Nokias. Either way, you’re paying your carrier for the subsidy that you never actually received — free cash for your carrier!

  4. My concern for a carrier free iPhone is that the rates will not drop, we just will not get the discount..

    What is to force the carriers to drop rates. None of them like the idea..

    Just a thought.




    Google MUST be stopped.

  6. They are loopy! Too much money to burn through right now and no promising revenue stream if that current money stream dries up. They are just throwing things at the walls to see what sticks.

  7. Haven’t you heard, Google just hired Dr. Evil!

    No more “lasers”, “Ozone holes”, “Prince Charles adultry rumors” or “Alan Parson Project”, we now have “Android” and “Google Wave”… <sic>holds pinky finger to mouth</sic>

  8. Google is an evil Monopolistic Pig that uses it Internet Ad power to brow beat everyone into submitting to Google and if they doesn’t work they try to use the government agencies and the courts to leverage their way into what ever they thing they want to control. But, then like a hyper ADD 4 year old they loose interest and leave what ever segment of the internet or personal computing in a mess as they walk away washing their hands of the mess that they left behind all why crowing about what a great job they did and how the people love them for it and how they did no evil in the process.

    I say hey Google Sheep wake up and start getting your personal information out of Google. In a few years if you wait Google is going to have you and your personal information Branded with a Google Logo Mark and then Google will own you and all of your personal information.

    I’ve never had a Google Account and don’t every plan on getting one. I’d never own a Product with a Google Operating system and I never use Google Applications. I only use Google Search and then only as a passer-by not logged in.

    Wake up the smell of burning flesh around you is the Google Wrangler Branding the Google Sheep.

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