Details leak about 6-core Intel Core i7-980X ‘Gulftown’ Mac Pro processors

“Chinese site (via HardMac) leaked details about the upcoming Gulftown 6-core processor that is expected to be used in Mac Pros in early 2010,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors. “The processor has been previously referred as the Core i9, though it seems it will instead be designated an extreme (X) Core i7.”

Full article here.


  1. How about … “can I pull the Xeon in my new Mac Pro and insert the new chip?” question. Huh? Is it plug-compatible? A couple more cores will mean a couple more GB of RAM to keep them all happy … a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

  2. I’m wondering the same thing. It is “pin” compatible with the current Nahelem MacPros. Both use the LGA 1366 socket. Who knows how the firmware and chipset would deal with it though. Being a Nahelem owner, I hope I can swap. I’m going to let someone else do it first though.

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