How can Apple improve their App Store for iPhone and iPod touch users?

Black Friday Apple Blowout - Part IIIWe’ve already discussed Apple’s iTunes App Store’s “Customer Reviews” issues here, but what else does Apple need to do to improve their App Store experience for iPhone and iPod touch users?

App discovery, search capabilities, layout, user interface, categories, etc. – what needs help and what is Apple doing well?

What would you change, fix, add and/or remove to make the iTunes App Store – the desktop and/or the mobile version – better?


  1. Macintosher –
    I don’t understand your point. Are you saying you want your iPhone to automatically remove apps from the device once a certain period of time has elapsed (90 days, for example)? That makes absolutely no sense.

  2. I’d remove some of the suck and replace it with more awesome.

    They need to fire all of the management and replace them with people who aren’t niggling assholes trying to finagle rules to screw developers instead of delighting customers.

    They need to beef up their scrawny hierarchy of categories so you can actually find apps.

    They need to fix the buggy Most Helpful algorithm for the user reviews.

  3. The App Store needs (1) a better search function, (2) fewer frivolous and/or copycat apps, and (3) better screening of reviews.

    The App Store’s worst problem is the glut of crap apps, which threaten to trivialize the most revolutionary mobile device on the planet.

  4. @ Tony,

    I believe that Macintosher is asking for statistics for how long a user keeps an app on their device before deleting it. For example, I kept AP Mobile around for a few months, and I still have the MacDailyNews app. So, the numbers can vary widely.

    I propose: Users can rate an app if they have kept it on their machine for at least a week.

  5. My problem is not with the app store, but with the 11 page limit with the iPhone/touch. To keep me looking for more apps give me a folder system (or what ever you want to call it) to keep my apps organized and on my iPhone.

    The only limit of apps I should have available to me is the amount of memory I have, not the size of my screen.

  6. It would be great to have a shopping cart or a wish list before deciding to purchase.

    Also I’d like to see a subcategory that ranks apps based on average customer review (stars)

    what about a feature that automatically relocates frequently used apps closer to the home screen. This way less frequently used apps will be further away from the home screen.

  7. @ Applejuice,

    I wholeheartedly agree that the app store should allow either a shopping cart or wish list for apps.

    There have been many times I’ve discovered an app that I might want to purchase (or compare with a similar app) and later losing track where it was in the vast sea of apps.

  8. In 1997 Apple was on its death bed. Apple management has increased Gross Revenue from $5,941,000 in fiscal 1998, to $9,870,000 in fiscal 2009. In the interim the US economy experienced two recessions (2000- 2001 dotcom bubble burst through 9/11 and 2008 through present credit crisis).

    There isn’t an armchair manager/pundit on the planet that could have performed a 5th as well, but they know what Apple needs to do to improve itself, in just about every Apple endeavor.


  9. i would agree with alansky.

    1) better search function.
    2) a search function that you can assign key criteria (productivity apps, office, database, free/paid) to narrow down the search among the plethora of apps.

    there are many ways that Apple can wow us all. i just hope they implement it in time.


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