Business Traveler Mag names AT&T ‘Best Mobile Phone Coverage in the World’ for 3rd year in row

Black Friday Apple Blowout - Part IIIAT&T announced today that it was selected as having the “Best Mobile Phone Coverage In The World” in the 2009 Best in Business Travel Awards, conducted by Business Traveler magazine. Now in its 21st year, the annual survey gives readers the chance to voice their opinions on the companies that have made their business travels more enjoyable. AT&T, for the third year in a row, has claimed the top spot among U.S. wireless providers.

“We are truly honored that Business Traveler readers have once again chosen AT&T as having the Best Mobile Phone Coverage in the World,” said Bill Hague, executive vice president of International for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, in he press release. “AT&T is committed to helping our customers stay connected to their world when traveling abroad. From offering more phones that work around the world to aggressively expanding our global voice and data footprint, we are thrilled our customers know they can count on AT&T for all of their international wireless needs.”

AT&T operates a GSM/HSPA network, the worldwide standard for wireless, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with family, friends and business colleagues while abroad — all on the same wireless number and device they use at home. AT&T offers more than 40 world devices. AT&T customers can take these devices around the world, including Japan and South Korea, which require a device that operates on 2100 MHz.

With the largest global footprint of any wireless provider, AT&T customers can make and receive calls in more than 215 countries and send e-mail and browse the Web in more than 185 countries, including more than 100 countries with high speed 3G coverage. AT&T also offers voice and data coverage on 130 major cruise ships including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Celebrity Cruise Lines.

Source: AT&T Inc.


  1. Verison does suck when it comes to traveling abroad. But, Truthbearer is correct. Every survey I’ve seen has Verizon at the top and AT&T;at or near the bottom in the US.

  2. Truthbearer was correct, he just maybe didn’t express himself transparently enough. First, I’m not in the USA so I can agree, without bias, that “What is FAR more relevant to those who are with AT&T;is how good the service is in the USA”. Sure a percentage of Americans travel outside the US but most don’t.

    Second, and more-significant to me, is the voting of AT&T;as the best coverage “in the world”. Such nationalistic nonsense. Every GSM carrier in the world has exactly the same coverage as AT&T;. What Business Traveller should’ve said is that “of US carriers, AT&T;offers the best world coverage”. To that extent, Truthbearer was also correct in criticizing the magazine itself.

    It’s just like America holding world championships in, for example, baseball. Note no other country is invited to submit entrants so “best in the world” becomes synonymous with “America IS the world”. Just another example of why some people still have “feelings” about America that transcend the feelings that Bush provoked.

  3. @ Glenn Holland

    Can you read?

    It is an American travel magazine published for Americans business travellers. The survey was conduct on Americans and their opinion on which U.S. wireless provider offered the best options for business people travelling abroad.

    “The award was part of an annual survey of readers (of the magazine) on various issues, including cell phone coverage, conducted by the magazine.”

    “AT&T;, for the third year in a row, has claimed the top spot among U.S. wireless providers.”

    There is nothing in MDN or the original article that says anything about “…AT&T; as the best coverage “in the world”.

    I gather English is not your first language and thus, you may have interpreted wrongly. No excuse for anybody else.

  4. @ MDmac & HughB

    Your readings skills are apparently not as you state. Where in the text above does it say that the magazine is an US publication?

    It could as it’s written mean that when traveling in the US AT&T;is the best, right? I myself doesn’t know whether AT&T;is the best in US as for my business US is irrelevant and I do most of my business travel in Europe and Asia Telenor giving me all the coverage as Glenn Holland describes, so in all essence he’s right.

  5. @ Scandinavian view

    Re “It could as it’s written mean that when traveling in the US AT&T;is the best, right?”

    No. The award as MDN’s quote by Hague is quite clear in that it refers to “when traveling abroad.”

    As for the rest, I never ever just read the sound bites. I read all the links if they are there and for sure seek out the source. As as researcher, I don’t trust hearsay and in particular, commentary unless they are referenced properly.

    This page once again is living proof how perception can become reality. It is unfortunate, that claims are not referenced and when challenged are left unmarked. I have always suggested, either provide evidence or remove it. If you don’t, the host/editor should do so until it is shown otherwise.

  6. As a reader living in China, who travels to the USA often I can say cell phone coverage in the USA is a joke! It sucks.

    Every time I land in the USA I head over to the AT&T;store and buy a disposable SIM card. I usually spend about $25 per week. Lots and lots of dropped calls. In China I spent $15 per month for my iPhone with 3G service. I have 5 bars everywhere I go.

    There is no way AT&T;is better than China Unicom.

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