Analyst: ‘It’s time to declare Microsoft a loser in phones; just get out of Dodge’

Apple Online Store“Mark Anderson is the writer behind the Strategic News Service, a predictive newsletter with a wide following among technology executives and venture capitalists, which he publishes from the island redoubt of Friday Harbor, Wash. And each December, he comes to New York, hosts a dinner and delivers a set of forecasts for the coming year,” Steve Lohr reports for The New York Times.

Lohr reports, “One of his predictions, in particular, caught my attention. ‘Except for gaming, it is ‘game over’ for Microsoft in the consumer market,’ he said. ‘It’s time to declare Microsoft a loser in phones. Just get out of Dodge.'”

Lohr reports, “The underlying problem, Mr. Anderson said, is cultural. ‘Phones are consumer items, and Microsoft doesn’t have consumer DNA,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

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  1. Consumer means the user decides what’s worth their hard earned money. Business it’s the cheapest POS they can give employees that also gives IT/CIO God control over their slaves errr users.

  2. So if “Microsoft doesn’t have consumer DNA”, what species is it? I always just thought they were socially clueless. Maybe extreme geeky. However, there is that dancing monkey.

  3. “In the consumer camp are Apple, Google and most of the Asian hardware makers, Mr. Anderson said. In the enterprise camp (large companies and government agencies) will reside I.B.M., Dell, Cisco and Microsoft. Hewlett-Packard, he said, will straddle both worlds.”

    I have to disagree with the article in the part above. Apple IS moving into the straddle of both worlds – not totally by their own direct efforts as much as by corporate paradigm shift from IT control . . to workplace efficiency that Apple products offer.

  4. It is a scary thought, when you think how much influence analysts have. For instance, this analyst will blow which ever way the wind is blowing. Right now, he’s so sure that Microsoft mobile OS is finished. But we all know that Microsoft has the copy machines running. So when Windows mobile OS version 7 comes out, it will probably be a pretty good knockoff of iPhone OS generally speaking. Now this so-called analyst and his cronies will be raving about how Microsoft once again is going to take away Apple’s lollipop.

    The problem is that this time, it isn’t going to happen. It’s a new world. They’ve arrived too late to the party. As monkey boy says: developers, developers, developers. And they are didn’t have many to speak of.

    I believe karma does exist.

  5. I appreciate the re-post of the Ballmer video by MDN. He just says so many things that are just so wrong. I love how he says that “by most estimates” the Zune took 20-25% of the marketplace in high end music players. What?!?! I think the Zune may have sold 20-25 units, tops. As for the iPhone not making a dent in the market because Microsoft “sells millions and millions and millions of phones” – Microsoft sold NONE! Their crappy OS is on a lot, but MS sold none. And now, they are falling by millions and millions and millions….

  6. Ballmer had a very valid point, the 1G iPhone was not well suited for business without exchange compatibility. Amazingly though, CEOs and execs still brought them in to the business for the cool factor. That set things in motion for the 3G.

    I’m not sure Microsoft knows when to quit, so I expect they will continue their tradition of being a copier, and that will include trying to maintain a foothold in the mobile phone market.

  7. @Jimbo

    Couple your observation with the reality of more and more Apple products making their appearance at Microsoft events is beginning to have a dramatic affect on those who have been drinking Ballmer T Clown’s kool-aid for years.

    Is it any wonder Microsoft would ban Apple products? They’re living in denial.

  8. The Zune and Windows Mobil are both dead Microsoft is just so slow at steering the ship they just don’t know it yet. Windows 7 is no prize pony either. It is slower then Windows XP and has many more development issues when it comes to what developers call DLL HELL!. Today Windows has gotten so, bad for developers to create reliable software for that many are seriously working to move to alternatives.

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