Twitter debuts new interface optimized for Apple iPhone, other mobile devices

Black Friday Apple Blowout - Part IIITwitter has introduced a mobile interface optimized for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch along with other mobile browsers.

MacNN reports, “ has been built from scratch using only the Twitter API, and still contains many of the features found on the regular website.”

“The new interface includes Reply, Retweet and Favourite buttons, as well as the ability to see Mentions and Direct Messages,” MacNN reports. “It displays updates, followers and popular trending topics, with supplemental functions such as a search box and an option to remove images.”

“The company eventually intends to have the new mobile site replace the existing “,” MacNN reports. “The [] code is still under development.”

Full article here.


  1. @Peter

    Perhaps what you felt was the impact on Twitter if Google buys them up and decides to release a Google-branded Twitter.

    Maybe Twiggle or Gwitter or Goolitter or …

  2. If Google wants to help humanity, it will buy Twitter and destroy it with a sharp axe. Just when you thought that communication between human beings couldn’t possibly get any more trivial, along came Twitter.

  3. I just accessed the site via MDN’s Twitter feed, through Twitterific.

    Just. Because. I. Can. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I want see a commercial where Andy Hertzfeld, Avie Tevanian, Bud Tribble, George Crow, Susan Barnes, Rich Page, Susan Kare and a few hundred others say, “Windows 7 was my idea too.” Cut to Ballmer passed out on the toilet. End scene.

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