Google’s Chrome browser can’t keep up with Apple’s faster Safari on Mac

Great Offers at MacWarehouse“Google Inc.’s new beta of its Chrome browser for the Mac is nearly twice as fast as Mozilla Corp.’s Firefox, but it can’t keep up with Apple Inc.’s Safari, benchmark tests show,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“According to tests run by Computerworld, the Chrome beta, which Google launched yesterday, is the second fastest of four Mac browsers tested,” Keizer reports. “Chrome renders JavaScript 10 times faster than Opera 10.10 and almost twice as fast as Firefox 3.6 Beta 4, the most recently released Mac version of Mozilla’s open-source browser.”

Keizer reports, “But Chrome can’t match Safari 4.0.4’s speed: Apple’s browser is approximately 12% faster than Google’s beta.”

Full article here.

More info and download link for Apple’s free Safari Web browser for Mac and Windows PC here.


  1. Ok, when the Safari 4 beta was first released, all the whiners griped about moving the tabs to the top. Didn’t bother me, and I kind of liked it. Peopled complained enough, that Apple moved the tabs back for GA.

    Where are all the top-tab whiners now for Chrome?

  2. OK, just ran the Acid3 test on Safari 4.0.4, the latest Web Kit build and Chrome. All scored 100 while the Mozilla Minefield alpha scored 94/100.

    As both Chrome and Safari are based on Web Kit, I’m not surprised they scored the same.

    Sticking with Web Kit.

  3. I have totally moved to Chrome from Firefox. FF and Safari would slow down my Macbook eating memory and that occasional dreaded spinning ball really ticks me off. No spinning ball with Chrome. Chrome launches with one bounce in the Dock just like Safari.

    All my banking sites work great and the pages load a lot faster than Safari and FF. Java support will get faster as this is a beta release but it’s not noticeably slower for me.

    Works just as great on my hackintosh Atom powered netbook as well. No brainer for a netbook given 1GB of RAM.

  4. I recently read a similar article – a compo twixt Mac browsers touting Chrome – and was a bit startled when Chrome beat out the “standard MSFT entry”. Didn’t actually SAY “IE”, so this may have been either something left over from the Chrome-on-Windows article or merely a brain-fart on the part of the author, but it surprised me. Not sure will IE 5.x even run on OS X 10.5 or 10.6?
    I need to update my wife’s computer to SL. Sometime when she isn’t going to need it for a couple of days. She gets quite testy about losing time due to my messing around – and then to learning new stuff.

  5. “As both Chrome and Safari are based on Web Kit, I’m not surprised they scored the same.

    Sticking with Web Kit.”

    They’re basically the same browser, effectively made by Apple. Google just has a more Web 2.0 trajectory. And, as I’ve said before, the Google Themes are so so nice. Safari looks staid and boring.

  6. This headline may be true, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Safari is constantly hanging up, but somehow Chrome doesn’t fall into the same traps that Safari does. It might be an illusion. I.e. Chrome continues to build pages while waiting for pesky ads while Safari just beachballs waiting for ads.

  7. @ Anthony–

    The whiners weren’t so much whining about the tab location, as they were about the change.

    People were used to things being a certain way, and when it changed, they didn’t want to adopt, although plenty of people liked the change!

    Consider it xenophobia.

    They should have just made it an option in the preferences.

    That’s the thing about a beta though–There may be differences between versions.

  8. But it sure crashes less. I guess Safari needs the startup speed because you constantly have to Force Quite and reopen. Everyone says it’s because of Flash, but if Chrome doesn’t crash with the same sites then it’s probably a deficiency in Safari.

    The simplest things bring up the beach ball in Safari.

  9. Tribalism aside, Chrome is a good browser, whichever way you look at it. Given it is still in beta, it’s not too hard to see a few speed improvements as it progresses through RC to gold. So perhaps rumors of its demise (speed wise) have been greatly exaggerated. Hey anything that weans more people off microsh*t can’t be bad. I use chrome on work windoze machine: it rules. Problem is I get the impression that chrome is taking users away from firefox, not so much from microsh*t.

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