AT&T smacks Verizon’s slow 3G in new ‘Headless’ TV ad (with video)

When it comes to downloading, speed matters. Watch the difference between AT&T and Verizon put to life as actor Luke Wilson downloads himself on AT&T’s 3G network the nations fastest in a new television ad airing on broadcast and cable networks across the U.S. The spot ends with the text and voiceover statements: “AT&T, the nation’s fastest 3G network” and “AT&T, a better 3G experience.”

Direct link via YouTube here.

AT&T’s ad also promotes the company’s website:

[Attribution: CNET. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Richard M.” for the heads up.]


  1. When will AT&T;catch up with Verizon for nationwide coverage?

    That seems to be the question that AT&T;doesn’t want to answer, so they run BS ads like this instead.

  2. ATT’s best Verizon beat-down yet.

    After hanging with Apple for a couple years now, ATT seems to be learning a few things about advertising. While their ads are not up to Apple standards by far, they are different and IMHO better than typical TV ads. For instance, the surroundings are sparse to keep you focused on the messenger. And there is only one messenger, Luke Wilson, talking to you. Also, the ads are each based on a humorous approach to discussing the problem.

    Good job AT&T;, keep your marketing guys gunning for Verizon while your techical guys improve your network.

  3. Well, ATT is build out a newer system than what Verizon has at the moment. So, the question is when will Verizon come out with what ATT currently is building out. It was 2003-8 for Verizon to build out the current one. So, I expect they will be behind ATT for a while on their GSM network when they first light it up.

    Maybe they will share their GSM network when Verizon finally start it up and we can all be happier with their good will the little guy or girl.

  4. An Optimist, your post is broken.
    Let me fix it for you, k?

    “When will Verizon catch up with AT&T;with a network that allows for even the simplest of all things, like voice and data at the same time?”

    That seems to be the question that Verizon doesn’t want to answer, so they run BS ads like maps instead.

    There, all better!

  5. “Maybe they will share their GSM network when Verizon finally start it up and we can all be happier with their good will the little guy or girl.”

    uhhhh…. huh?

  6. What good is a 3G network that’s faster when it only covers a fraction of the country. There are HUGE swaths of the country that AT&T;has no 3G (including my area) and Verizon blankets the area. As for Verizon’s next generation, it’s rolling out it’s LTE network that is GSM based and is 4G since they already have most of the country covered with 3G, their next upgrade is to the next FASTER technology where AT&T;still has to get it’s coverage out of the major areas and to the rest of the country with THIS generations tech.

    Sure, the iPhone can make calls and surf IN 3G ONLY, but in it’s 2.5 edge area, no luck. So, who’s playing catch up now?

  7. Sixvodkas – The answer is that AT&T has no plans to catch up to Verizon in 3G coverage. They would rather invest their capital in other areas, like underwater cables to China.

    What good is faster 3G or voice/data switching when you can’t get a decent signal?

    AT&T is too big and stupid to survive in its current condition. It needs to be busted into state-sized units, then they’ll have a chance at improving their service.

  8. My family and many of my friends switched from Verizon to ATT for the iPhone. While nobody wants to give up their iPhones, we all have hoped for the day we could use them on Verizon’s network. No more. Verizon’s insistence on restricting their phones’ functionality, and their insulting and dishonest advertising attacks have turned us off. Never go back, even if they get the iPhone. Besides, at least here, AT&T;’s service has improved.

  9. An Optimist said: “AT&T;is too big and stupid to survive in its current condition.”

    And Verizon’s not? Please.

    Both companies have their problems, whether network issues, honesty issues, customer service issues, or whatever. Neither is even close to perfect.

    I switched to ATT from Verizon to get the original iPhone. I noticed areas where ATT dropped a call when Verizon didn’t, and vice versa. Same thing happened when I had Sprint years ago as well, and I lived 15 miles from their world headquarters and still had too many dropped calls.

    We’ll always hear, “Wait until ABC builds out the next-gen XYZ network, then ABC will be the best!” Whatever. There will always be the next technological advance as savior of the mobile communications world, the one that is Superman compared to the current tech being used. At least until they put it into use, and then it’s faster with a few more bells and whistles, but still drops calls.

    I just wish all the mobile phone companies would drop all their advertising, then they could stop wasting my time.

  10. I’m not an AT&T lover. In fact, I have avoided signing up with AT&T much like I permanently ditched the cable company back in the mid-1990s. But I don’t appreciate Verizon’s duplicitous advertising, either.

    Much of Verizon’s “3G” coverage is of the lowest end variety that barely qualifies as 3G under the letter of the rules. So the blast o’ orange map really isn’t as impressive as Verizon would like everyone to believe, and Verizon intentionally does not differentiate between their fast and slow 3G areas. I wonder what AT&T’s total coverage would look like with EDGE thrown in along with their 3G network?

    As has been said by others, every provider should continue to seek improvement. None are perfect, although AT&T has made some significant strides since they teamed up with Apple and had to start addressing “real” mobile internet usage. Verizon has yet to learn that lesson.

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