Apple’s iPhone to make official debut in Israel this week on Cellcom, Orange, and Pelephone

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Apple Blowout“Phone will make its official debut in Israel this week when the country’s three main carriers will start selling the coveted smartphone 2-1/2 years after its initial launch,” Sangwon Yoon reports for Reuters.

“Cellcom, Israel’s largest mobile phone operator, will begin iPhone sales on Wednesday at midnight, a company spokeswoman said,” Yoon reports.

Rival Partner Communications — which operates under the Orange brand — will launch sales on Thursday, a spokeswoman said, while Bezeq Israel Telecom unit Pelephone, the third largest cellular provider, is also slated to start sales on Thursday, local media said,” Yoon reports.

“Israel has one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in the world at about 125 percent. Some 80,000 Israelis are estimated to already have iPhones, having bought them abroad and had them unlocked,” Yoon reports. “Israeli operators are committed to buy a minimum of 80,000 units each but Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Haim Israel estimates the numbers will be higher.”

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. As “leading edge” as the country is in many sectors, Apple still has limited penetration in Israel. There is no Apple Store (Macs are sold through their iDigital distributor at high markup). There is no local Apple development facility, but there are thousands working for Microsoft, thousands more doing development for Intel, Cisco, IBM, and HP.

    How well the iPhone does will depend how it’s priced. But having three carriers at least guarantees some competitive pressure. But the “halo effect” toward Macs will be limited as long as prices stay high.

  2. Mr. Reeee:

    Clearly you have demonstrated your complete lack of knowledge and your total ignorance of anything to do with the Middle East. Congratulations, on a computer website, you have demonstrated your idiocy. What’s even worse, it wasn’t even funny in the slightest. What a douche and a loser…

  3. Actually I found some of Mr Reeee’s comments amusing. Israel has done all of those things over the years (whether justified or not is up for debate) but anyone mentioning it out loud is immediately shot down or worse accused of anti-semitism. Perhaps some balanced Palestinian criticism would assuage your ire?

  4. I never mentioned “antisemitism”. Also, Reee, what does “Kill Thy Neighbor” refer to? What does HomeDozer – are you referring to bulldozing the house of a suicide bomber? What about LandGrabber? I’m not talking about “balanced Palestinian criticism” – I’m simply talking about people not targeting civilians (Hamas) or people bent on the destruction of a recognized nation (Hamas) or people not lobbing missiles at schools (Hamas) or hiding behind human shields (Hamas). But wait, if either of you knew any basic history, you would know that Hamas and Al Qaida grew out of the same branch (The Muslim Brotherhood) – so being “amused” is more an example of your an Mr. Reee’s stupidity and Reeetardation.

  5. @Truth
    and you were criticising other people for a lack of knowledge of the middles east. You last comment shows your the one lacking knowledge and any sense of balance !!
    Sure both sides are killing people It is a war after all, although one side is armed to the teath and the other only has hand wepons.

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