Yet another reason why the world uses Google: Microsoft’s Bing goes down for nearly an hour

New Arrivals Catalog Cover“For nearly an hour on Thursday, Microsoft’s search engine Bing was completely non-functional,” The Huffington Post reports. “Initially, the site displayed a code-filled error message, ‘Oops. This isn’t the page you wanted.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, you wanted Google.

The Huffington Post reports, “Later, just before service returned around 10:15 ET, another message appeared, ‘Pardon the interruption,’ [and asked users to enter a CAPTCHA].”

“Twitter users naturally went to town… ‘Scobleizer: Wow, @bing has been down for at least seven minutes. Has that EVER happened to @google? How embarrassing,'” The Huffington Post reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Newsflash: Microsoft sucks. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress, “Microsoft Sucks,” starring Ballmer T. Clown.

MacDailyNews Note: According to Net Applications, which measures search engine usage (along with operating systems and browsers, among others things) across their network of 40,000 sites worldwide, in November 2009 Bing held 3.26% of the search engine market, trailing Baidu at 3.28%, Yahoo’s 6.22%, and Google’s 84.91%.


  1. Doesn’t Microsoft know “Redundancy”, “Cluster”, “RAID 5”, etc (well, I guess “ETC” is well know by them). Why they don’t have a back up servers? redundant sites, clusters? or they have it but don’t know how to use it?

  2. On a related note:

    A huge order of new chairs was placed by Microsoft today to replace an unexpectedly large number of broken units all within the last 24 hours. This kind of simultaneous chair failure has been seen before on the Microsoft campus notably after the failure to consumate the Yahoo deal, and after the first sales reports on Windows Vista.

  3. I was watching an CNBC special on Google. They mentioned Bing as a serious competitor, so I Googled it and tried Bing with the above mentioned results.

    If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say that it had to be a Google plot. The truth is probably just bad luck for Microsoft.

    But then again, the timing is outage was perfectly timed.

  4. Actually I’ve given up on Google. They are much more of a threat than Microsoft. Google is actually a very intelligent and competent company compared to Microsoft. Google seems to want to stick it’s tentacles in everything – scanning literature, laptops, phones, browsers, web applications, maps, video, etc. It’s appetite for information knows no bounds. To use a “free” app, all you have to do is surrender control of your information (and some personal information) so that Google will allow you access to your own information. It’s my belief that too many people are surrendering too much information to Google.

    Now Google’s motives may be “pure” right now, they could change. Yes while there are other companies out there who also collect and are interested in collecting more information about you, none of them have had the success that Google has.

    Hey Zune Tang – I’m with you on this one buddy! I get it. Give Bing! (or Yahoo! or, etc.) a chance and drop Google.

  5. Interesting – the presence of a CAPTCHA on the resurrected page, and its accompanying text (“Typing the characters in the picture above helps us ensure that a person, not a program, is performing a search.”), would seem to indicate that Bing was under some kind of automated attack.

    I’m the last person you’ll find defending Microsoft, but… is it possible Bing got DDOS’d? Or is Microsoft just trying to save face by making it appear that way?

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