OnSale offers up to 70% off select iPhone and iPod accessories

OnSale is offer up to 70% off select iPhone and iPod accessories:

There are many other deal on HDTVs’, GPS devices, monitors (including $150 off the ViewSonic 22″ HD 1080p LCD Monitor with DVI and Speakers, $148.99 after instant rebate), and more at OnSale here.

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  1. What sales like this do is point out how much markup they put on their items normally. You can see how much you have been abused by them if you bought something from them that was not on sale.

    But fortunately for the seller, very few people ever notice or acknowledge this. Current buyers are happy about getting inexpensive products. Non-buyers look at the company as being ‘good’ due to them making great sacrifices to help people financially.

    There is a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome going on here.

    Or you can say they are selling at a loss to hopefully drum up attention and future business, but that would not be true. Most peoples’ attention spans are normally way too short for that to be the case and work for the company.

    Oh, by the way, the MDN Magic Word for this post was “sales”. There are a number of regular readers and posters here that would find that remarkable and amazing. I point this out just to emphasize how simple people tend to be, and how easily amazed and impressed they can be.

  2. Actually, that last item looks interesting to me. I’m in need of all three port types on that (4 if you count the iPod/iPhone port)
    Unlike cheep non brand items that don’t work well and are not even worth the cheep price, Griffin is a decent brand. I should get a lot of use out of this.

    I’m sure that they are ether overstocked or are coming out with an update. (or both)
    But this works for me.

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