Chicago Sun-Times’ Ihnatko: Apple’s curse is over with debut of new Magic Mouse

“Apple’s standard ‘ships with every desktop Mac’ mouse (but also available alone for Mac or Windows at US$69) is now a Magic Mouse,” Andy Ihnatko reports for The Chicago Sun-Times.

“That’s a fabulous and welcome improvement. Every mouse Apple has shipped since Steve Jobs returned to the company has been Mostly Miserable,” Ihnatko reports.

“I’ve been using the new Magic Mouse for a couple of days now and I can happily say that Apple’s curse is over. Apple has finally designed a practical and useful mouse,” Ihnatko reports. “I do wish that the Magic Mouse were a little thicker and filled my hand a bit better, but this is a fine, stylish wireless mouse. It’s not so thin to make it tough to use … but it’s thin enough to do double-duty as a travel item. Despite its eye-catching looks, it does indeed disappear into my workflow.”

Ihnatko reports, “The advantages of the Magic Mouse over the other mouses in its weight class are it’s dead-simple while still bringing some unique features to the table.”

Read the full review – recommended, as usual – here.


  1. The only mouse that sucked was that stupid puck mouse.

    And for crying out loud, THE PLURAL OF MOUSE IS MICE!
    Especially from someone that is ostensible a professional writer.

    “I’ve been using the new Magic Mouse for a couple of days now and I can happily say that Apple’s curse is over.”

    When will the curse of shoddy journalists be over?

  2. If you don’t have something really critical to say about Apple, you’re not a true computer-user (Mac, of course). It’s what we do here in the USA: we scream bloody murder about our computers, our cell phone providers, our politicians, and ourselves. We are a nation of self-loathing and self-destructive whiners.

    Life’s just TOO easy here to appreciate what we have.

  3. I hated the mighty mouse.

    After two months of use, the scroll ball stopped working.

    The scroll ball slowly collects dust and grime, much like a old style mouse ball, except there was no way to open the mouse and cleaned scroll ball.

    Miserable mouse indeed!

  4. The Mighty Mouse is good if you work environment is clean, otherwise it sucks when it gets grimy, and cleaning it can be hard. I use two of them, one at home which thanks to my wife is a very pristine environment, one at work, which is not so clean and having to deal with it not scrolling at times can be very frustrating. I have to grab the thing and run it up and down a sheet of paper to get it to somewhat work. Apple should have made it a bit easer to clean, even if the thing would not be so stylish. Contact cleaner can help.

  5. Put some alcohol on a paper towel, take out the batteries, turn over the Mighty Mouse and run the ball in circles around the towel for a minute or so. You’ll feel the graininess fade, and it will work fine after that – at least until it grimes up again. Be sure and let the alcohol evaporate before putting the batteries back in.

  6. Cleaning the Mighty Mouse:

    The most effective way to clean this particular mouse is to get a sheet of clean paper and clean the ball every time you think it’s beginning to play up. Rub the sheet of paper vigorously on the scroll pea and you’ll keep it working order. I’d do it every three weeks or so. This trick is slightly different than Mac-nugget’s advice. I got the advice from Apple’s help line.

  7. Rubbing the outside of the ball with cloth is rubbish, because the grime is not just on the ball itself, but the contacts the ball touches on the inside of the device.

    I tried the advice of Apple’s help line. It made the scroll ball mostly usable for about a week or so, but it was never totally clean on the inside.

    Then I bought a logitech mouse, and that solved the problem. But I’m still disappointed that Apple, a pioneer of mouse technology, could have made the Mighty Mouse with such a gaping design flaw.

  8. I agree with iworker, except it’s more effective to hold the mighty mouse in your hand, turn it upside down and rub the roller ball vigorously across a clean sheet of paper lying on a firm surface. You’ll start seeing grimy tracks on the paper from the roller ball (you may need to do this for 2 to 3 _full_ minutes for full effect). I have a mighty mouse in my kitchen nook that my 4-year-old uses and keep it clean this way, no problem. People should quit whining so much and use the Apple Discussion Forums to solve their minor problems.

  9. When I got my shiny new 27″ iMac, I looked forward to trying the new mouse, but wasn’t ready to give up my Logitech wireless mouse. I was certain that I would be going back to it. I can say that the new Apple mouse is great. I do miss the multiple buttons, but there are a number of third-party software solutions for that.

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