Apple doesn’t need Verizon Wireless

New Arrivals Catalog Cover“Ever since the iPhone debuted on AT&T, there’s been speculation (and wishful thinking, lots and lots of wishful thinking) that Apple would eventually bring its iPhone to other carriers in the United States — more specifically, to Verizon Wireless. Sure, there are potential customers who would like to see official Sprint and T-Mobile versions, but Verizon is the mindshare leader here,” Chris Maxcer writes for MacNewsWorld.

“The widely reported (and mostly believed) timetable for the end of AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity contract is mid-2010, which is when Apple is most likely to roll out a new iPhone model,” Maxcer writes.

“By adding Verizon, Apple could easily gain a massive boost in market share. Case closed,” Maxcer writes. “However, selling more iPhones doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a good thing. The case isn’t closed. Carrier choice is good for consumers, but is it good for Apple? Not necessarily…”

“I don’t think Apple feels the need to be on Verizon. The iPhone is already supremely popular, there are plenty of halo effect sales for the Mac, the App Store is going gangbusters, and there’s plenty of world markets left to conquer,” Maxcer writes. “I’ve been watching this space for a while now, and what I haven’t been able to find yet is an argument that says Apple absolutely needs Verizon in 2010 in order to retain profitable iPhone success.”

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  1. “and what I haven’t been able to find yet is an argument that says Apple absolutely needs Verizon in 2010 in order to retain profitable iPhone success.”


    Just a thought,

  2. For that matter, they don’t need anyone else besides AT&T.

    All those saying “Bring it to Verizon and watch it fly off the shelves” imply that iPhone is currently somehow collecting dust on the shelves of AT&T. Well, it isn’t. The inventory is as tight as it could possibly be, with frequent out-of-stock situations in many locations throughout US.

    Only when iPhone begins lagging behind some other device, or when the inventory begins growing, will Apple be in a situation to begin exploration of other carriers in the US. This is DEFINITELY not going to happen in 2010.

  3. Verizon’s recent ads seem to make it pretty clear that they aren’t getting the iPhone anytime soon.

    I think it’d be extremely interesting if the iPhone were to become available to everyone except Verizon starting mid-2010. Verizon would quickly become “the island of misfit smartphone wannabes”. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Apple needs cooperative partnerships who are willing to build on the user experience. I can’t imagine what Apple would have done if AT&T had turned them away.

    Personally, I think they might have acquired the rights to an MNVO and turned it into a subsidiary, just as they did with Claris.

    Is there a satellite in Apple’s future? One that would work exclusively with the new data center in NC to provide content to its customers? Would that negate the need for the intertubes and the gatekeepers?

  5. The competition will take a long time, if ever, to develop a product fully competitive with the capabilities of the iPhone. Just think how long it will take to develop a competing OS that is equal Mac OS X.

  6. Actually, it would be in AT&T;’s best interests to let Verizon have the iPhone. If it crippled the Verizon network as much as it has AT&T;’s, then AT&T;might actually get a boost in consumer confidence (relatively speaking).

  7. You Girly men will continue to buy iPhones and so will Girly Girls. But manly men will get Droids. Looks like is already happening, AAPL is tanking again today. I got it from Arnold.

  8. The problem with going to Verizon is having a different type of iPhone to work on their network. No problem at Verizon and AT&T;stores which would only stock their version, but that would mean the Apple store would be selling both. What happens on launch day when your Apple store sells out of the Verizon model, but still has plenty AT&T;models? A lot of bad blood towards Apple.

    I don’t see Apple doing this until they can sell one phone that can work on either network. Then after you choose your iPhone, you can choose which carrier and which plan you want to go with.

  9. T-mobile would get the iPhone because they are GSM signal. No new hardware or software writing would need to be done and would be nice to force at&t;to down the prices a bit.

    It’s hard to believe that Apple would not negotiate their contract with AT&T;. Yes they might play a little hard ball about when they would do that, forcing AT&T;’s hand by forcing them to spread the 3G around more vastly and upgrade their network to capacity of users for a better experience.

    Just don’t get all hyped up about analyst on apple, but this is true, Apple doesn’t need Verizon AT ALL. They’ve made a huge success and AT&T;gave them the springboard to jump and make a world wide splash with just trust in innovation.

    I like the circle of trust Steve Jobs is working in. Apple – Disney – AT&T;. The Innovator, Entertainment provider, Dumb pipe distributor. If you haven’t seen how close Disney and AT&T;work go to the parks, especially EPCOT.

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