TapFactory Apps releases TweetVid for iPhone 3GS for Twitter video uploading

Holiday Sale over 400  dealsTapFactory Apps today announced TweetVid 1.0, a new app for the iPhone 3GS that allows users to record and upload your videos to Twitter.

TapFactory explains, “While designing TweetVid we pursued a more themed approach to make using TweetVid not only a utilitarian experience, but a fun and cinematic experience. Doors slide open, buttons pulse, and a subtle array of sound effects play to complete the themed experience. We also aimed at making it an integrated experience with other Twitter apps, so that users can easily use it in conjunction with their favorite daily Twitter app.”

• Record a video from within the app or select one from your Camera Roll
• Trim a video to any length you would like
• Resume a video upload if you get a call while the upload is in progress
• Set TweetVid to open your favorite Twitter app once the upload is complete
• Videos recorded from within the app are automatically saved to Camera Roll once upload is finished

TweetVid uses the free TwitVid uploading service to upload videos to your Twitter account. TweetVid posts to TwitVid’s site, then publishes the link as a post to your Twitter Account. Logging into your Twitter account through TwitVid allows you to manage your history of posted videos.

TweetVid 1.0 retails foe US$0.99. More info via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. God how I hate Twitter. Nobody has a life that interesting.

    “Hey guys, cornflakes for breakfast this morning!”

    Jesus H. Christ

    I hope the reports that people are starting to get bored with it now are correct. It’d be great if it became just a footnote in web history in the next 3 – 4 years.

  2. Dirty Pierre le Punk,

    Twitter has broken several major news stories. Just because you’re too ignorant to realize its value or what it’s really about doesn’t mean it should become a “footnote in web history.”

    And even if it was all about “cornflakes,” why do you waste your energy hating it? Just STFU and ignore it if you’re too stupid to understand and use it.

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