Magellan releases RoadMate turn-by-turn navigation app for Apple iPhone and iPod touch

Magellan today announced its Magellan RoadMate 2010 North America turn-by-turn navigation app is now available from the App Store for US$79.99. Magellan also announced the introduction of a new vehicle mounting cradle for the iPhone and iPod touch devices that will be available in December for an MSRP of USD$129.99. The Premium Car Kit offers charging capabilities and provides a car mounting and charging solution for the iPhone device. The cradle adds a GPS receiver for improved navigation accuracy, an amplified speaker for crystal clear directions and enhanced phone call clarity, and Bluetooth to enable hands-free calling.

“The Magellan RoadMate App provides users instant access to Magellan’s innovative, easy-to-use OneTouch interface, including: vehicle and pedestrian routing, in-app music control, native address book integration and turn-by-turn guidance including Text-to-Speech, all in one integrated and unique navigation experience,” said Peggy Fong, chief operating officer for Magellan, in the press release.

Magellan RoadMate App features Magellan’s exclusive OneTouch user menu, allowing users to store addresses and personalized searches on one convenient page and easily access them with a single tap. Additionally, the app gives drivers the freedom to choose from a list of route options such as fastest time, shortest distance, most use of highways, or least use of highways to customize the navigation experience.

Other features of the Magellan RoadMate App include:
• Preloaded: App and maps are stored on the iPhone or iPod touch devices, allowing navigation to continue even when no cellular coverage is available.
• Turn-By-Turn Guidance: Announces maneuvers prior to the turn, enabling users to keep their eyes on the road.
• Text-to-Speech: Hear spoken street names with every voice direction to have a clear understanding of when to make the next turn while you keep your eyes on the road.
• Millions of Points of Interest (POIs): Users have access to 6 million POIs at the touch of their fingertips, including gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, emergency services, shopping and other destinations.
• Oversized Keyboard with QuickSpell: QuickSpell with SmartCity search lets you enter addresses in a few touches by narrowing your location search.
3D landmarks: Realistic 3D renderings of key landmarks show the way with stunning visual cues.
• Highway Lane Assistance: See realistic views of highway signs with clearly displayed lane arrows to help navigate complicated interchanges by positioning the driver in the proper lane for upcoming maneuvers.
• Pedestrian Mode: Allows users to easily navigate locations on foot.
• Find Your Car: Automatically stores your parking location so you can easily find your way back to your car.
• In-App Music Control: Users can control their music directly from the application so they never have to leave the app to access their music.
• Native Address/Contact Book: With the touch of a button, users can simply navigate to destinations from stored addresses in the device’s address book.
• NAVTEQ On-Board: Map data provided by NAVTEQ, the world leader in digital mapping data and content.

The Magellan RoadMate App (U.S. & Canada maps) is available for an introductory price of $79.99 from Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Source: MiTAC Digital Corp.


  1. how many ipod touch users will actually buy this? Unless they are driving around with their own wireless router in the car so the touch can feed off of… it would be pointless for it…..or does the ipod touch have gps?

  2. Magellan has a limited time offer from $99.99 to $79.99.

    TomTom is now selling their app for $69.99.

    Will wait for reviews on the car kits when they become available before making a choice.

  3. It appears from some articles easily found on the web that the Tom Tom kit does *not* support the iPod touch. Moreover, the upcoming kit from Magellan ($130) requires, *in addition*, the navigation software ($80-$100). So someone tell me why it makes more sense than just getting a dedicated GPS device.

  4. The Navigon app was on sale yesterday (CyberMonday) for only $69.99 (no map subscription necessary). They have already submitted an update that looks like it will be the one for all others to match.

  5. @ Raymond

    Obvious you didn’t look hard enough.

    The TomTom for the iPod touch requires a car kit because, the ‘touch’ does not have a built in GPS.

    I can’t wait, because I will be able to install the same app on all my applicable devices. Which means that the 2 iPhones and 3 touches will get the app for less than $14 each. Hardware, the car kits maybe another matter, since it appears that we may have to buy a separate car kit for the iPhone and the ‘touch’.

    At least it appears with the TomTom. Not sure about Magellan’s units.

  6. @ Aldebaran

    I would hesitate to buy any GPS app until they came out with a car kit.

    Certainly, the iPhone built in GPS is simply not powerful enough and the fact that without a holder which allows full handsfree usage in the car is now a no-no in our part of the country. That and battery issues, just wouldn’t justify its purchase.

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