iPhone ‘3,1’ moniker found in use; PA Semi on the way?

Cyber Monday Sale over 400  deals“Today we learned that new iPhones were found using apps with tracking software in the San Francisco area,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“The news is not surprising since the same thing has happened around this time of year for the past few years,” Weintraub reports. “This is the traditional time that Apple starts testing new iPhone hardware for release in summer.”

Weintraub reports, “What is interesting about today’s information is that the new iPhone hardware is denoted as 3,1… The 3,1 moniker indicates that the new iPhone hardware is a significant upgrade from the iPhone 3GS -perhaps one with a processor from PA Semi.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I miss the old days when diviners and rumor mongers used to study the entrails of freshly sacrificed animals in order to determine what the future held.

    I blame PETA.

  2. Blackwolf… dude.. I hate to be “spelling guy”….. “cleaver?” its clever…

    Sorry about that, but I know your intention is not to chop poor Steve up…. ;

  3. And “Jake” is working with a whole crowd – all inside his own head. Interesting, though, that he would suggest that the Ultra-Radical-Right – also known as The Crackpot Brigade – would have something to say about a new product from a member of the Big Business community. OK, true, a Big Business with oft-stated opinions well to the Left of Adolf Hitler … still …
    Or was the reference to the ORIGINAL Teabaggers? Those separatist nuts in Boston who wasted a bunch of loose-leaf by dumping it in the swill that was the harbor at the time?
    Anyway … something On Topic: “iPhones were found using apps with tracking software” and “hardware is denoted as 3,1” … what are these guys doing to GET this information? Just curious. Not an electronics geek.

  4. So this weekend AT&T;was offering refurbished 16GB 3gs for $49, and refurb 32gb 3gs for $150. As early as last week they only had 8GB 3G for the $49 price. I ordered 4 phones and saved $600 bucks. I’m anxiously awaiting arrival of the box right now. Time to retire my 1st gen..

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