RUMOR: Apple Mac Pro to get 6-Core Xeon ‘Gulftown’ CPU in early 2010

Apple Sale“The Polish website PCLab released (by accident?), before quickly removing it, a test of the Intel Xeon Gulftown, a future CPU sporting 6 cores and engraved at 32 nm. First figures indicate that this CPU is very promising. At equivalent clock speed, it is 50% faster than the corresponding quad core Xeon for parallel tasks,” linathael reports for Hardmac.

“According to our sources, this CPU will be installed in the future Mac Pro revision expected early 2010, in order to create a new gap between the iMac Core i7 and the Mac Pro models. This future Mac Pro will then offer 12 physical and 24 logical cores,” linathael reports.

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    at this rate the government will stop buying PS3s for supercomputers next year.

    now they need a quad setup for 24 total cores…..

    thank god for grand central, this tech alone could propel OSX ahead of windows in the eyes of peeps.

  2. One thing that struck me about the new iMacs’ ability to be used as an external display is that one could hook up a couple of iMacs to a Mac Pro to use as displays and then utilise the iMacs as additional computing nodes for the Mac Pro. With this new Mac Pro model, you could potentially have 20 cores available.

    I have been unable to ascertain whether this is actually possible but it would be damned handy if you could.


  3. I’ve long since thought they’d do that, with the i7 closing the gao between iMacs and base Pros.
    Now I REALLY want a quad-socket design in the Xeon. I don’t see it happening in the Pro, but the Xserve already looks pretty for small computing solutions: 24C/48T 1U 6TB (With 3/2TB drives) and the built in SSD for boot… yeah, that’d be a nice St.Paddy’s day gift.

  4. @Chas,

    When the new iMacs with said display ability were introduced, that was my first thought. I have a 8-Core MacPro with 2 – 23″ Cinema Displays currently. My work is in 3D animation and I often have to do distributed rendering, so a set up with 2 – 27″ iMacs and a 12-core MacPro just makes me drool.

    However, we have learned that the iMac will not work as a display when an adapter is used. So, Apple would need to make available a graphics card with dual display port connections.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. @Miko

    Anytime the headline is preceded with the word Rumor: then it isn’t misleading, so we take it with a grain of salt.

    I don’t expect to see a newly revised Mac Pro until the Fall.

  6. This is all so rubish !
    They said with the test they compared at equal clockspeed, but never with how many cores. In the test they even compared speed for multitasks, so for as far as i care, the 50% increase could just be caused by having 50% more cores that that quad-core model.

    I want some real results!

    And for who said Autodesk is keeping an eye on this: Keep dreaming! Autodesk never even optimizes for it’s os’s so the hell they would optimize for hardware. “I’m using maya for around 6 years now”.

    What i wish is for the price of the mac to be reasonable. The former one – the one i am typing this on – was the basic octo-core 2,83Ghz that costed around 2500€ 2 years ago. Then the next was a freaking Quad-core 2,66Ghz for 2300€ that couldn’t even beat mine in a mile.
    And 5300€ for a octo-core 2,93 Ghz that isn’t even double the speed of mine ?? This is crap.

    Now don’t get me wrong, this is the fault of Intel. We saw the same thing with the quad-core G5 that i bought around 4 years ago.
    When everything should go right, and openCL is so much integrated into the 3d apps and pro apps, we wouldn’t even need to care about Intel and it’s redicoulous prizes. I could just put 1500€ in graphic cards into this machine and have a little render beast without any hustle of farms and it’s setups and costs.

    I probably won’t upgrade anyway, although i love 3d, but i’m hoping for serious fix of prize.

    And by the way, Why does every fool now suddenly jump on this idiotic 6-core thing when Intel had an 8-core lined up for the same period of time, AND supports up to 4 chips on one board.

    It’s all so frustrating.

  7. When I was in the Apple Store reopening in Mission Viejo yesterday they said that the current high end iMac out performs the current high end Macpro…

    This sounds like an upgrade to keep the towers at the higher end of the performance scale.

    Jim – TIV
    (17 days to the arrival of the 27″ iMac quad core Intel Core i7 and 16 gig of ram from Crucial)

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