Apple iPhone lands with a bang in Korea as pre-orders approach 65,000

Apple TV Starting at $229 - 120x90“Koreans greeted the launch of the iPhone Saturday in the style to which Apple has become accustomed,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Hundreds of customers lined up, some as long as 26 hours in advance, to pick up the country’s first batch of 1,000 iPhones amid helium-filled balloons, flashing strobe lights and a blaring rockabilly band,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

“According to the AP, KT Corp., the country’s second-largest carrier, had received an estimated 65,000 pre-orders — a number likely to loosen Samsung and LG Electronics’ tight grip on the local mobile phone market,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

“Apple was quick show Koreans the flashy features only the iPhone can offer,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “Below: An iPhone ad already airing on local TV.”

Direct link via YouTube here.

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  1. not so fast…. you have no idea how hard import cellphone market in Korea. actually, in order to be successful, Apple should open itunes store (it’s only opened for app store now). otherwise, I think iphone is useless. don’t you think?

  2. OK, I’ll be the one to say it since everyone seems to have forgotten…

    B…b…but..but the Palm Pre has multitasking. It’s better wah wah wahhhhh!

    /i got tire of saying SIDAGTMBTTS. this is more contemporary and still lots of fun.

  3. Joe I agree they should, but they still got 65,000 pre orders in a market with only 400,000 phones. I’d say they are doing pretty well. Even more considering not one but 2 major smartphone manufacturers are there!

    Game on!

  4. I’m with Joe on this. There seems to be no localization at all. Disappointing. The phone seems to localized to France, Germany, and China. Why not Korea? Oh well, it’s selling anyway.

  5. I was going to do a take-off on the ‘landing with a bang’ vs the ‘crash and burn’ of Windows (m)Mobile and the free-fall market share of a few other manufacturers, but my brain stalled so I’m bailing…..

    (You are now free to move about the internet)

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