MacDailyNews’ idea worked like a charm: Microsoft pays for free Saks shop window ads – for Apple

72 Hour Apple Black Friday SaleYesterday, while covering the announcement that Saks and Microsoft has teamed up on Windows 7-powered holiday windows displays, we immediately had an idea:

Let’s help make those windows interactive while giving some excellent holiday shopping advice with a constant stream of “Get a Mac” tweets. Like we just did. Note: Just include the hashtag #holidaywindows in any tweet and “Get a Mac” along with any other holiday wishes (“right down the street, look under the glass cube,” etc.) that you wish to impart. winkMacDailyNews, November 24, 2009, 4pm EST.

Our post that started the avalanche was simple and straightforward: “#holidaywindows Get a Mac!

Well, shortly thereafter, our idea took off like wildfire, check out the #holidaywindows twitter stream.

For reference, the Saks Fifth Avenue’s shop windows displays look like this:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Some of the tweets shown in Saks’ #holidaywindows twitter stream windows, sponsored by Microsoft:
• Turn right, go to the Apple Store and enjoy computing again
• Stop the insanity! Get a Mac
• If you are buying a new computer with 7ista, why not get a Mac and relieve the holiday headaches?
• Want to make yourself look like a dumbass? Get Windows 7. If not, get a Mac, problem solved.
• This display is powered by an Apple Mac.
• Get a Mac – It’s perfect with your iPhone!
• Have a wonderful holiday season: walk down to columbus circle and get a Mac!
• Santa Claus is a Mac User…why aren’t you? HO! HO! HO! 5th Ave Apple Superstore open 24 hours NYNY
• this is how easy it is to hack a PC.
• When I managed Windows machines I was losing the will to live. Switched to Mac, Never looked back! Mac is Happiness.

This is yet another example of the total lack of attention-to-detail and forethought that is endemic to whatever Microsoft touches.

MacDailyNews Note: Microsoft astroturfers have since been dispatched to Twitter to try to cover the company’s ill-conceived marketing mistake with pro-Microsoft, pro-Windows tweets. You know what to do.


  1. As I said in my comment on this story yesterday: This has disaster written all over it.

    MS ad people have to be some of the dumbest humans on earth. Don’t they think through their ideas and plan for what could go wrong. Wait, what am I thinking. MS never thinks about what could go wrong, they just do shit and then deal with the mess they create afterwards.

  2. I got mine in early and often yesterday. It was a crack up.

    PS– Why would anyone pay a barrel load of money to promote their product in the window of Saks and not control the message? It could have been a lot worse things than “Buy a Mac” posted and displayed via that live Twitter feed.

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