Apple’s iPod took 17 quarters to reach 30 million units; iPhone did it in just 10

Philip Elmer-DeWitt reprots for Fortune, “It took the iPod 17 quarters to reach 30 million units. The iPhone did it in 10.”

Click through to the full article to see a version of the chart that extends the iPod numbers to the end of fiscal 2009 along with a chart showing sales per quarter for the first 20 quarters here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jersey_Trader” for the heads up.]


  1. I truly suspect that if the new Touch Ipod units had full wireless capability, that it would have increased the sales as well. I love my 64 Gb touch, but to also have the wireless capability like the Iphone would simply be amazing!

  2. There has to be something wrong with this chart because most analysts have said that iPod sales are slowing and that iPhone/iPod Touch devices will canabalize existing iPod sales.

    I just don’t see the slowing sales or any canabalizing in this chart. Facts outweigh fiction everytime I guess.


  3. And what the story dosn’t tell you is that iPod Touch falls into the iPhone Category.

    But they still count the “iPod Touch” as a iPhone.

    Apple has always put the iPod Touch in the iPhone Category for accounting so if you separate the numbers and place the iPod Touch in the real iPod category it would look much different.

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