Apple iPhone commands 50% share of worldwide mobile data traffic

“Apple’s slice of mobile data traffic has grown to now exceed 50% share in the US, UK and in global figures, according to the latest monthly mobile data traffic report by AdMob,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“In the worldwide market, AdMob notes that Apple advanced its lead in smartphone traffic share from 43% last month to an even 50%. Symbian slipped from 29% to 25%, while third place Android grew from 10% to 11%. RIM’s share fell slightly from 8% to 7%, Windows Mobile dropped from 5% to 3%,” McLean reports.

MacDailyNews Note: In October 2009, 70 percent of iPhone OS requests came from the iPhone while the remaining 30 percent came from the iPod touch.

“In the US, AdMob reports that Apple advanced by 7.2% from 48% to 55% of all mobile traffic, while Android grew from 17% to 20% (almost entirely from sales of HTC models). RIM slipped slightly from 14% to 12%, while an initial surge of traffic by Palm Pre WebOS users collapsed from 10% to just 5% in October,” McLean reports. “In the UK, Apple’s share grew even larger, advancing from 71% in September to a commanding 74% share in October. Symbian and Android both slipped a percentage point, from 12% and 11% in the previous report to 11% and 10% in October, respectively.”

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MacDailyNews Note: AdMob stores and analyzes handset and operator data from every ad request in its network of more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications to optimize ad serving. Each month, the AdMob Mobile Metrics Report aggregates this data to provide insights into major trends in the mobile ecosystem. The AdMob share is calculated by the percentage of requests received from a particular handset; it is a measure of relative mobile Web and application usage and does not represent handset sales.

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  1. Symbian (nokia) accounted for 46% of all sales in October and yet their customers account for only 25% of all traffic.

    Nokia is content to sell cheap telephones and it wouldn’t surprise me if texting accounted for most of their traffic.

    Microsoft (winmo) accounted for 9% of all sales in October and 3% of the traffic.

    Microsoft lost its way and is dwindling in this space. Do you suppose they’ll come to market with a Zune phone powered by winmo7? Or will they give up on hardware?

    Apple accounted for 18% of all sales in October and 50% of the traffic.

    Apple only sells smartphones and are having the greatest impact on web traffic. Clearly the trend is towards pocket computers. I myself no longer use the desktop for email and surfing, that duty has been absorbed by my Touch.

    RIM dabbled in the smartphone market but all indications are their customers are buying conventional devices. It’s obvious their OS is probably capable, but RIM is out of their league when it comes to hardware design. Don’t they have something like 24 different models? The support for that many SKUs has to be a financial drain on the company, no?

  2. “It’s much more affordable to buy the best phone than it is to buy the best car.”


    Excuse me, I am now going to go pick up the kids and visit McDonalds in my Austin Martin Vanquish…. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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