Apple files motion for permanent injunction to block Psystar from building and selling ‘Mac clones’

48 Hour Apple Sale“Apple detailed what it wants out of Judge William Alsup’s summary judgement in its case against Psystar for building and selling Mac clones without authorization: A permanent injunction blocking the PC maker from selling computers with any version of Mac OS X, and from distributing any products that help other people install Mac OS X on PC,” Jeff Gamet reports for The Mac Observer.

“Apple is specifically asking the court to prohibit Psystar from directly or contributing to the infringement of Apple’s copyrights for Mac OS X, circumventing the protections measures in Mac OS X, possessing any devices that can circumvent the operating system’s protection measures, and selling any devices or components that can aid in the process of circumventing the protection measures,” Gamet reports.

“In other words, Apple is asking the court to block Psystar from hacking all versions of Mac OS X, and from building and selling its Rebel EFI product, too,” Gamet reports. “Rebel EFI lets users install Mac OS X on any PC.”

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  1. Apple is playing easy. They have every right to break them financially, too, for their lying and cheating, but I dont see that is what they are after.

    There is still good in the world, despite the low life ass scum like Psystar and that lying dog Dingle.

  2. Meanwhile I am sitting here with $500 and need a new computer… what do I do? what do I do?

    I want a mac more than anything, I would settle for a watered down mini, but I cant afford it..

    Does Apple realize how many people are just not in the marekt to spend “real” money on a computer… hell, most people I know try to spread $300 out to build a machine..

    Something has to give.. they could use the mini chassis without a DVD drive, put in a full size hard drive, scale back the CPU, and drop the price..

    i understand their point, but its obvious they would have a stranglehold on the market if they built a cheaper mac…

    the only alternative is to start making Apple branded motherboards.. wich would also be nice.. they could certify other boards too for OSX compatibility.. allthough that seems unlikely with their psystar troubles, but whatever.. all I know is MACS COST TOO DAMN MUCH… no I wont use windows ever if I have to

  3. @tt

    Jesus christ, how cheap are you? PC people need to just get over it. Sorry, Macs will never be available for the $200 you paid for whatever crap you have on your desk. I don’t hear you whining that Bentleys are too expensive.

  4. Can’t we just send them to a Cuban prison?

    @tt, minis aren’t watered down. They’re darn good. Shop the Apple Refurb store, and get yourself a Mini. If you don’t want a real computer then fine, get yourself a piece of garbage. You get what you pay for.

  5. @tt
    I understand.
    Me? I’d like to have a 8-core Mac Pro with a dual 30″ display. But I can’t afford it.
    Or a iMac i7 with a second 26″ LED Apple Cinema display. But Apple doesn’t make a 26″ LED display.
    Life’s a bitch.
    I don’t wish for things anymore that I can’t afford or that are not available. Like those fanboys that are screaming for a midtower for years.
    PC’s are not nice comapred to Mac’s (in my opinion). But if that’s the only thing you can’t afford: go for it and don’t be ashamed.

  6. Wow, the hatred for Psystar on this site is amazing.
    A coworker of mine recently built his own Hackintosh to use as a media center at home. His out-the-door cost: about $625. And it blows the doors off of his Core 2 Duo iMac (I don’t recall the exact model). On just technical specs, it’s better in every way (except that it doesn’t include a display)- more disk, more ram, faster processor, better graphics card, just a gazillion ports, etc.

    Of course, he does not expect Apple to support his Hackintosh. But he gets the performance for video rendering that he wanted at a far better price than anything he could have bought from Apple. To get equivalent performance on an Apple product, he would have had to buy a Mac Pro costing roughly 3 times the price he paid.

    To him, not having support from one source for anything that might go wrong is worth the drastic improvement in capabilities he gets for the price. He could literally build three of his Hackintoshes for the price of an equivalent performance Mac Pro.

  7. tt: if you want a mac, pay for one. If you want something that has some of the same hardware and software elements as a mac mini but is cheaper, get an Acer Revo and put FreeBSD on it. If you want the polish Apple puts on a machine and OS, pay for it.

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