Report: News Corp. and Microsoft in Web deal talks

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “News Corp. has held discussions with Microsoft Corp. about a partnership that could result in News Corp. removing its newspaper content from Google Inc.’s search engine while continuing to feature it on Microsoft’s online properties, according to people familiar with the matter,” Nick Wingfield and Shira Ovide report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The talks are still at a very early stage and may not result in a deal, according to these people. Among the most thorny issues, one of these people said, are the terms under which Microsoft would compensate News Corp., if at all, to feature its news content, which ranges from The Wall Street Journal to the Sun of the U.K.,” Wingfield and Ovide report.

“It isn’t clear whether the talks include News Corp.’s non-newspaper sites, such as its popular MySpace social-network or Fox television properties,” Wingfield and Ovide report. “According to a person familiar with the matter, News Corp. initiated the conversations with Microsoft. The software giant has held conversations with other publishers as well, this person said.”

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  1. Despite the success of Fox Television, Fox News and 20th Century Fox movie studios, News Corps online ventures have been constant money losers, including MySpace. How would a deal with the one company doing even worse online than them reverse their fortunes? What is the possible upside of delisting from Google? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. news content…to the Sun of the U.K

    Good job I didn’t have any liquid in my mouth when I read that.

    The notion that The Sun is a newspaper is on a par with believing that Steve Ballmer is a visionary genius.

  3. Don’t be to quick to write this pair off, thinking they’ll go down in flames together. I can assure you, you’re not going to like what they have planned.

    Microsoft is carving up the Internet, thinking, if you can’t beat them on a level playing field (net neutral) buy up big chunks of it starting with content.

    M$ will sell them on ways to monetize their content and protect it with proprietary readerhatEhat more could Murdoch as for, but a devilish partner.

    This is just the beginning of the “land” war. Others will align with their strategy as well, including all the fringe players who have been marginalized by the swift current of open source and fair market practices.

    Microsoft is losing the popular vote, so now it will attempt an end-run on the system.

    You watch, Microsoft will start making partners of those who control the bandwidth. It will provide them the tools they need, at very attractive prices, to maintain control and better leverage what little power they have over us all.

  4. @G4Dualle,

    Interesting angle and a very valid point. Now, it seems that who can control the content will be placed in an advantageous position to profit handsomely which is why the record labels are fighting and lobbying so hard to keep the status quo.

    However, I disagree with one thing. Microsoft has no power over me. I don’t use their products and haven’t for awhile now. Thanks to Apple, iWorks, a vibrant Mac development community, Linux, Unix and the open source community, I don’t worry or care what Microsoft does anymore. From project management to office programs to file and web serving, I don’t have to use or consider a single Microsoft solution.

    Lastly, let News Corp. jump on the sinking ship and lose even more advertising revenue. They’ll be regretting that decision for a long time and since news and lots of other information can be found from far more sources, I don’t think their content will be missed from Google’s indexes at all.

  5. @ G4Dualie,

    Amen, brother/sister. Which is why net neutrality (which should be a non-partisan issue) must be preserved. It’s the antitrust wars of the late 19th, early 20th century all over again.

  6. #1 the only way for them to truly employ this is to make it subscription based, we all know that would fail

    #2 MS and news corp’s questionable motives and attitudes belong together, it will just cement many peoples opinions of them, Fox and many other parts of the news corp conglomerate are already on the fringe of real news, and inflate crap they want to get air.

    #3 more than set a precedence it will change perspectives. doesn’t news corp realize M$ is already on its way down the tubes?,

    #4 It’s hard to imagine a company with less morals than M$; that company is news corp

    Revolution anyone?

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