Best Buy offers $100 off Apple iMacs, $100-$200 off MacBook Pros through Wed., Nov. 25

Best Buy is offering $100 savings on Apple iMacs and $100-$200 off MacBook Pro models in store and online (you’ll see the sales price applied in your online shopping cart) via

Prices are effective through Wednesday, November 25, 2009.

Best Buy’s disclaimer reads: “Markdowns taken from regular prices. Excludes Outlet Center items, special order, clearance, demo and open-box items. Apple products are not available in all stores. Available at and available in Best Buy stores with Apple shops. No rainchecks.”

BestBuy’s online Apple selection is available here.


  1. Fishermen often toss perfectly good bait in the water to draw fish. While this is an attractive deal for anyone wanting a Mac, especially anyone with easy access to a Buy More and no Apple store, buyers should beware the hooks:

    Presentations: “Before you overpay for a Mac, enjoy our presentation on Windows 7.” I was in a Buy More yesterday and the black shirted Microsoft spokesman was orating on how easy media files work on Windows 7 on a 60″+ monitor.

    Addons: the $100-$200 you save on a Mac will be absorbed by the full (or above) list price other gear.

    The Buy More protection plan which recovers all your savings. I’ve actually eves-dropped on clerks telling customers “We don’t even offer AppleCare because it is worthless, but you can buy our store guarantee…”

    There’s no reason not to buy a Mac at discount here, especially if you want to compare some Macs hands on and can’t get to an Apple store. Just hold onto your wallet.

  2. In Upstate New York, it seems that the only Best Buy stores that carry Apple hardware are in markets served by an Apple Store. No nearby Apple Store, not Macs at Best Buy.

    Having said that, it has been reported here by others that this is not the case in their part of the country.

  3. What’s worse … a bad Apple display or no Apple display at all? We live 125 miles from the nearest real Apple store, and don’t reckon we’ll ever get one.

    Nevertheless, I’ve sold a few of my friends on Macs, and that’s becoming easier and easier to do.

  4. @Planar

    I seem to recall that Sears carried Macs several years ago, but the sales people knew nothing about them … with the expected consequences. That was unfortunate. I hope Best Buy sales people do a better job…

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