Apple teases Black Friday special one-day-only deals: ‘TGI Friday’ (with image)

Apple Store online has posted a teaser for this week’s upcoming Black Friday shopping event:

According to a “leaked” email graphic, as reported by The Boy Genius Report last week, Apple will be offering the following Black Friday deals:

• Up to 30% off on all iPods (except iPhone and iPod shuffle)
• Up to 25% off all Macs
• Up to 15% off all accessories, Apple software and hardware.

If true, the deals are applicable on Friday, November 27th only. Select Apple retail stores are said to open at 6am on that day.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN, why are you perpetuating the Boy Genius article. Both the 6am superscript and the capital “S” in shuffle clearly point to a fake graphic, and not a particularly good one. Please don’t feed the click-whores.

  2. My brother in law knows a guy that has a cousin whose best friend works in an Apple store. He says they will be discounting all Macs 50% on friday. And the ones with glossy screens will be free, sales tax included. I am going to get in line wednesday and get me several new iMacs. Want to join me?

  3. BGR has a new, different Apple discount page up this morning, supposedly leaked by a more credible source.

    It shows a variety of discounts, including iMacs ($101 off), MacBook Pros ($51-$101 off), iPod nanos ($11 off), and iPod touches ($21-$41 off).

  4. Discounts that large on products that are already selling well would mean that they’ve have to sell an awful lot more just to make the same money they were at the original price, they’ve then got to sell more on top of that to make the sale worthwhile. It’s only worth discounting if you’re confident that the increase in overall sales will offset the loss of profit on what you would have sold anyway.

  5. Of course, the claim is that Apple will discount all Macs by up to 25%, which would only require Apple to discount a single Mac model by 25%. So it’s possible that the sale isn’t as extreme as it sounds. But is Apple going to offer a 25% discount on all Macs? Obviously not.

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