Apple comes to AT&T’s rescue with new series of ads starting tonight

“In a series of new ads airing tonight, Apple Inc. tries to come to carrier partner AT&T’s rescue,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“For weeks, Verizon and Sprint have been having their way with AT&T and Apple’s iPhone. One of the year’s best commercials has to be the Verizon ad featuring the iPhone as the newest resident of The Land of Misfit Toys.”

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Goldman writes, “The issue, and it certainly resonates, is that while AT&T might have a very nice 3G network, its coverage is rather limited when it compares to that offered by Verizon. The two even got into a legal spat because of Verizon’s very clever “There’s a ‘Map’ for That” campaign, comparing head to head the two carriers’ 3G coverage nationwide,” Goldman writes.

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Goldman writes, “AT&T’s answer with actor Luke Wilson is a poor one.”

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Goldman writes, “Apple has been the collateral victim in all this. As it has since signing that exclusive arrangement with AT&T, with the carrier constantly trying to play catch-up to iPhone’s technical capabilities.”

“So Apple is fighting back on its own, launching a series of commercials that begin tonight, highlighting the one thing key thing that iPhone on AT&T can do that competitors, including those Android phones from Google, and other handsets running on Verizon and Sprint can’t: Simultaneous voice and data communication. In other words, surf the web, get and receive email, text message all while you’re talking on the phone without having to leave your voice conversation to do it,” Goldman reports. “It’s such a simple message, but such a compelling one. It’s a capability that I take for granted, but rely on so much.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Verizon’s wiseassery is going to backfire. The general public was unaware that Verizon’s network was incapable of allowing simultaneous voice and data communication; now, with Apple in the equation, everyone and their mother will soon know.

UPDATE: 5:45pm ET: See Apple’s two new ads here: Apple’s new Verizon-swatting iPhone ads (with video and schedule)


  1. Ahh it’s like watching in-laws fight so much, you have the redneck family that is Verizon in which they are everywhere but can’t do much with somewhat good looking kids,

    And then snooty AT&T;bunch limited but has the means todo what ever and the beautiful children.. Ahh gotta love the holidays when everyone gets to share what they got and don’t have.

    and t-mobil is just a dirty whore that is well recognized.

  2. first of all, you can on a CDMA network send SMS messages while in a voice call. In fact, SMS messages send almost instantly when you are in a voice call because a connection to the tower has already been established. MMS messages on the other hand require use of the DATA network, and cannot be sent while in a voice session. next time someone wants to play down verizon, at least get your facts right. dumbasses

  3. Wow!

    Networks are are competing for mindshare on the basis of their network quality and availability rather than avail phones or silly add-on services.

    This is as it should be. I guess “exclusive agreements” don’t really stifle competition, do they?

    Let the dumb-pipe wars (finall)y begin!

  4. It’s NOT call and data that are the killer counterargument, AT&T;and Apple. Most people don’t think they’ll use that (though they will). Te killer argument is calling and GPS DIRECTIONS at the same time. THAT has resonance as a convincing argument. Hated my original EDGE iPhone when I had to do only one or the other.

    Directions may be data, but when you say data, few people will automatically think GPS. Most will think email or text and most people don’t think they’d ever really want to do that.

  5. Agreed, I was using my iPhone on T-Slowble for a while, and it was a major pain in the ass not being able to take advantage of the UMTS radio inside the iPhone 3G. I have sence then switched to AT&T;, and with the added 850mhz coverage in my area I couldnt be happier. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. AT&T;3g is kind of slow because they have a lot of REAL DATA PHONES, I mean, iPhones. Verizon only have “little phones” with little crappy plastic keyboards that makes them very difficult to be use on the internet.

    If you put the network traffic of AT&T;’s iPhones on verizon network, I bet you it crash. Just and AT&T;network crash with the first 3G iPhone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. @andintroducing: I completely agree with your argument. Hopefully someone at Apple is thinking along these lines too.

    And SMS folks: it’s ALL DATA. Please be correct in your usage as well before getting so irate. Now the fact that CDMA can only do either “call” type data (eg voice and SMS) or ‘internet’ data (eg web browsing, MMS, email), but not both at the same time is correct. But in this age of all digital networks, there is no preordained, fundamental difference between any of these data types, merely in how they are handled by differing networks.

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