Hackers enable Atom processor compatibility for Mac OS X 10.6.2

Apple Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend Sale“Hackers have circumvented the changes in Mac OS X 10.6.2 to allow the latest upgrade to Apple’s Snow Leopard to run on netbooks with Intel Atom processors,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“When Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.2 earlier this month, Intel Atom support was missing from the release,” Oliver reports. “Though no Apple-sanctioned hardware uses the Atom processor, some low-cost netbook users would use the hack to install OS X on their systems.”

Oliver reports, “The hack applies only to a select number of ‘Hackintosh’ users, as not all who install Mac OS X on unauthorized machines use netbooks with Intel Atom processors.”

Full article here.


  1. I’m a proud 20+ year card carrying Apple fanboy. I was drinking Flavor Aid when you weren’t even a sparkle in your daddys eye before he knocked up your mom and went to prison.

    Adam Ant you are not qualified to lick the bottom of my boots you little hemroid on a fleas butt. Now piss off and go play in traffic before I turn on my vacuum cleaner and suck you up and deposit you into the bottom of a ladfill.

  2. @I’m a PC
    Already infected, I see… Well, Mac attacks are not going to happen just because you keep saying that they will along with thousands of other PC’s. Nor will it happen just because you want it to happen in order to justify/satisfy your desire not to be wrong in choosing an inferior computer experience and then defending it to the death.

    MDN refers to this malady as Stockholm Syndrome. I perceive it to be the same weakness that leads the gambler to keep going at the table until every last cent is gone because his/her luck “has” to change sooner or later.

    The MacOS is not invulnerable. But it will never be as porous as the Microsoft OS either. And nothing that you can do, say, write, or wish will make it otherwise. You have hit bottom in the AA sense of computing, and it is now time to start fresh with the MacOS…if you can bring yourself to admit that you have a problem.

  3. Atom Ant wrote:
    “This is great news as the hackers win yet another battle against Apple. They bitchslapped Apple pretty good this time. OS X must be freed from Apple’s INSANE monopoly.”

    First let me state that I currently own an MSI Wind dual booting Win7 and SL 10.6.1. But to say that Apple has an INSANE monopoly is stupid. How can a company have a monopoly on something it created and sales. So should the Coca Cola company be forced to allow Pepsi to make coke? Or McDonalds to allow BK to make Big Macs? Hell no. OSX is Apples product and they can do with it what they please.

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