Apple CEO Steve Jobs to ‘iPodRip’ dev: Forced name change ‘not that big of a deal’

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“The Little App Factory seems to have a big problem on their hands. The company received a letter from Baker & McKenzie, representing Apple, asking that The Little App Factory change the name of one of their most successful applications. Why? It has the word iPod in it,” Daniel Brusilovsky reports for CrunchGear.

“iRip (formally known as iPodRip) was originally written in 2003 at the MacHack developer conference,” Brusilovsky reports. “Basically, iRip lets your copy and transfer your songs from iPod and iPhone to your computer.”

The Little App Factory CEO John Devor emailed Steve Jobs regarding the issue. Amazingly, Jobs replied:”

Change your app’s name. Not that big of a deal.


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  1. It’s a pretty big deal after 5+ years to change the name of a successful product. Especially for a small company like LAF.

    They haven’t got the muscle to fight it, but they should make a token effort. Let Apple decide to sue a partner who creates an app that’s been WIDELY used and recommended by Apple, Inc. Show up and represent themselves in court, get ruled against, and THEN change the name.

  2. As a CEO, to even have or make the time to answer this is amazing. The guy asked for help, Jobs helped him. Almost like a woman though. Ask for an answer then complain about the answer you recieve because it isn’t the answer you wanted.

    And before you all flame, I am married (2x) so don’t hit me with the “not all women are like that” crap. I am very much in love with my wife, and yes she is the same way.

  3. You can sometimes see why Apple and its apologists (which numbers MDN far too often) get a bad rep.

    That’s pretty perfunctory way to treat a developer, even one who’s been dumb enough to incorporate the name of a trademarked product (and a trademark that Apple have been pretty defensive about for years) into your own product.

    That said, we should all remember that when Apple was told to change the name of Rendezvous, it did so and most of us probably don’t recall the original name of Bonjour.

    Steve still needs to work on his people skills, otherwise he’s squandering all the good karma he’s earned from creating the best technology company in the world by being a dick.

  4. “if he had the time to answer the email, then he had time to be cordial at least.”

    He was on his iPhone. Without a real keyboard that’s the most he could type in the 10 or 15 minutes that he had.

    Bob ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @PC Apologist
    So they should waste money on time and lawyers to fight a fight they can’t possibly win, just to “make a point”?

    Read the comments on the article. They’re almost entirely pro-Apple, and several point out the many times Apple has been forced to change the name of its products for much the same reason.


  6. Oh, and just BTW — I think this developer should be pretty goddamn grateful that Apple has left him alone as much as it has, given that iRip is a product designed to enable something that the iPod was specifically designed not to do, namely, moving music back from the iPod onto the computer. The iPod was designed not to allow this so that it couldn’t be viewed as enabling piracy.

    That Apple never even lifted a finger to stop applications like iRip from working speaks to how open-minded and they are. With that in mind, it’s f***ing silly to make a big deal out of the name.


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