Beleaguered Dell’s profit craters, plunges 54 percent; weak numbers miss Wall Street forecasts

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Dell Inc. said Thursday that its net income dropped 54 percent in the latest quarter and amid signs the company isn’t fully benefiting from the computer industry’s fledgling recovery,” Jordan Robertson reports for The Associated Press.

“Dell’s numbers missed Wall Street’s forecasts, and the shares fell almost 6 percent in extended trading,” Robertson reports. “In the last quarter Dell lost its ranking as the world’s No. 2 personal computer maker, a slot now held by Taiwan’s Acer Inc.”

Robertson reports, “Dell’s work force fell by 9,300 last year to 78,900 at the end of January, the last time Dell gave employment figures. The company also has changed the way its makes and sells computers, leaning more on contract manufacturers and retailers instead of doing everything in house.”

“The changes weren’t enough to lift Dell’s profit in its latest quarter, which ended Oct. 30. Dell’s net income fell to $337 million, or 17 cents per share. That compares with $727 million, or 37 cents a share, in the same period a year ago,” Robertson reports. “Revenue fell 15 percent to $12.9 billion.”

“Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected Dell to earn 28 cents per share on $13.2 billion in revenue in the latest quarter,” Robertson reports. “Dell, which is based in Round Rock, Texas, said it expects revenue in the current period to be better than in the prior quarter, but it attributes that to the seasonal benefit of consumers buying PCs around the holidays.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Relying on holiday consumers remaining ignorant and undiscerning is a risky proposition with so much information at their fingertips and those Apple Retail Stores now open right around the corner.

• Apple now worth sextuple Dell’s market value – October 20, 2009
Apple now worth quintuple Dell’s market value – February 12, 2009
Apple now worth quadruple Dell’s market value – May 01, 2008
Apple now worth triple Dell’s market value – December 06, 2007
Apple now worth double Dell’s market value – July 27, 2007
Apple now worth more than Dell – January 13, 2006

Ah, such sweet schadenfreude! Yum. More, please. Hey, Mikey, SIDAGTMBTTS!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “sparkplug” for the heads up.]


  1. Focusing on Dell’s woes is getting very old. Time to move on to something more interesting, like bashing Steve Ballmer. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. @ Eric24601,

    “Michael Dell was reported last seen tonight under the Queensboro Bridge on his knees blowing a Truck Drivers for a quarter….”

    Hey, you’re giving truck drivers a bad name.

  3. > but it attributes that to the seasonal benefit of consumers buying PCs around the holidays.

    Noteworthy that there are no “attributions” made to the release of Windows 7 helping with sales. I guess the Walmart special-of-the-week crowd really do not care about Windows 7. The OS is just whatever is pre-installed.

  4. Well how bout some actual analysis? Dell’s main problem is that their business model made sense 10 years ago. Back then, “everyone” was manufacturing in the US and Dell was able to manufacture most efficiently.

    Today, “no-one” can afford to build in the US and Dell seems to be about the last company to realize this.

    So now, they’ll try an transition to the Apple model: design here and build overseas. New problem: I don’t think they know how to design.

  5. Amazing… a company that makes that much earns so little. How exactly is that good business?

    @macerroneous: “Today, “no-one” can afford to build in the US “

    I’d like to see Apple invest some of their money and open a couple of plants in the US. It would be worth it to dip into some of their profit margin to pay a little extra and create jobs in the states.

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