New tool brings Exposé, middle mouse button, much more to Apple’s Multi-Touch™ Magic Mouse

Apple’s new Multi-Touch™ magic Mouse is an amazing input device that’s quite unlike any other mouse you’ve ever used. (If you haven’t tried one, yet, get to an Apple Store and test drive one today). But, users always want more (we especially want our Exposé back that we lost when we retired our Mighty Mouse units for Magic Mouse devices). That’s why developer Andreas Hegenberg created BetterTouchTool. This lightweight bit of software (1.4MB) allows users to expand the capabilities of their Magic Mouse and/or MacBook/Air/Pro Multi-Touch™ trackpads.

Users can set shortcuts that are currently used by other applications, such as Exposé, for one prominent example.

BetterTouchTool is beta software, an experimental work in progress, use it at you own risk!

MacDailyNews Note: BetterTouchTool allows users to set different gesture shortcuts for every application.

• Magic Mouse gestures:
  – two finger swipe up/down/left/right (Special notes: you can set the sensitivity of the two finger swipe up and down in the preferences. After setting you have to restart BTT in order to take effect.)
  – three finger swipe up/down/left/right
  – three finger tap
  – three finger click (Special notes: if you set no shortcut to three finger click it will act as a middle mouse button click.)

• MacBook gestures:
  – swipe (left/right/up/down), On a MacBook a swipe is done with three fingers (three finger swipe).
  – rotate (left/right)
  – zoom (in/out)
  – three finger tap (Available on Macbook )
  – three finger click (you have to select it in the magic mouse section, there is no seperate one for the touchpad yet.
  – four finger swipe (up/down/left/right) (Special notes: if you want to use custom four finger gestures you have to deactivate the apple standard four finger gestures in your System Preferences.)

MacDailyNews Note: BetterTouchTool is beta software, an experimental work in progress, use it at you own risk!

More info and download link here.


  1. I love the Magic Mouse. That and the wireless keyboard are my first Bluetooth peripherals. Both have worked flawlessly on my new i7 iMac with 8 gigs of RAM. (Yes you can begin weeping, as I’ve had mine since Monday. . . . And, so far, it’s perfect.)
    Yet, I’d be perfectly happy if Apple added a lot of functionality to the mouse. That would just make sense.

    Thank you Apple, for this wonderful machine!

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