New tool brings Exposé, middle mouse button, much more to Apple’s Multi-Touch™ Magic Mouse

Apple’s new Multi-Touch™ magic Mouse is an amazing input device that’s quite unlike any other mouse you’ve ever used. (If you haven’t tried one, yet, get to an Apple Store and test drive one today). But, users always want more (we especially want our Exposé back that we lost when we retired our Mighty Mouse units for Magic Mouse devices). That’s why developer Andreas Hegenberg created BetterTouchTool. This lightweight bit of software (1.4MB) allows users to expand the capabilities of their Magic Mouse and/or MacBook/Air/Pro Multi-Touch™ trackpads.

Users can set shortcuts that are currently used by other applications, such as Exposé, for one prominent example.

BetterTouchTool is beta software, an experimental work in progress, use it at you own risk!

MacDailyNews Note: BetterTouchTool allows users to set different gesture shortcuts for every application.

• Magic Mouse gestures:
  – two finger swipe up/down/left/right (Special notes: you can set the sensitivity of the two finger swipe up and down in the preferences. After setting you have to restart BTT in order to take effect.)
  – three finger swipe up/down/left/right
  – three finger tap
  – three finger click (Special notes: if you set no shortcut to three finger click it will act as a middle mouse button click.)

• MacBook gestures:
  – swipe (left/right/up/down), On a MacBook a swipe is done with three fingers (three finger swipe).
  – rotate (left/right)
  – zoom (in/out)
  – three finger tap (Available on Macbook )
  – three finger click (you have to select it in the magic mouse section, there is no seperate one for the touchpad yet.
  – four finger swipe (up/down/left/right) (Special notes: if you want to use custom four finger gestures you have to deactivate the apple standard four finger gestures in your System Preferences.)

MacDailyNews Note: BetterTouchTool is beta software, an experimental work in progress, use it at you own risk!

More info and download link here.


  1. Why didn’t Apple put these functionalities in the magic mouse in the first place?? Why did they not include them when they were available in the mighty mouse? C’mon Apple don’t turn into a Microsoft and remove features and functionalities that users were used to in the previous versions

  2. Apple always does this. They make hardware, implement the minimum and then let other developers add functionalities, doing the testing for them for a year or so and then add thos functionalities to their software at no cost to them… They’ve done that with a bunch of things before…
    Makes sense not ?

  3. My wife got the Magic Mouse for me for my birthday, but we had to return it after trying it out and my initial enthusiasm waned. I have really big hands, and that thing is just too small for me to use with any degree of ease. Pity me, folks, pity me.

  4. I’ve been using a Magic Mouse for two weeks, and I’m still somewhat ambivalent about it. It’s a little hard-edged compared to the Mighty Mouse. I don’t make a lot of use of Exposé, so the lack of a gesture for this feature doesn’t worry me. Two finger swipes are a waste of time for me, and I just end up moving the mouse. Vertical scrolling is fine, but horizontal scrolling in spreadsheets is problematic, and I inevitably overrun. Care is also needed to avoid accidental touches that send large pages skating. Practice maybe.

    Yesterday, after a few hours on a spreadsheet, I reverted to the Mighty Mouse, but soon came scuttling back. The Magic Mouse isn’t perfect, but it’s Apple’s best mouse yet.

  5. Hmmmm well I just downloaded the beta and cant even get it to launch even after a couple of restarts, so no new features for me just yet by the looks of it, something needs to be done about the tracking speed too its painfully slow 🙁

  6. I tried the software for the new mouse, and it must conflict with something of mine, so it never worked. I use Expose constantly to get through my multiple windows, so I need it. I just went back to enabling one of the corners of my screen to activate Expose. I haven’t done that since the advent of the Might Mouse (dumb name, still).

    I do love the new mouse for several reasons. The main one is that I know Apple will enable more gestures on the mouse, because, as someone mentioned previously, Apple does that.

    But they have invested so much in making Expose part of the Mac OSX experience, I am a bit troubled as to why they didn’t enable that functionality on the Magic Mouse. Let’s hope they do soon.

  7. i just downloaded it. Yes these options should of been implemented into magic mouse. I love it even more, I never cared about hot corners with so much real estate on the screen and hated accidentally moving mouse to far into the corners activating what ever. so magic mouse just got regained my love, now when will apple actually do this for us so we don’t have to have third party do it.

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