Clouded Leopard: Apple already working on Mac OS X 10.7 development

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Less than three months after the launch of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, evidence has surfaced that Apple is already working on the next version of OS X, presumably to be designated Mac OS X 10.7,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The information comes from an entry posted earlier today in a database of changes to the open source ‘launchd’ framework, which oversees booting of Mac OS X and administers processes running on the system,” Slivka reports. “Apple’s build numbering scheme [indicates] that, while still early in the development process, Apple has been working on builds of the next major operating system revision for at least the last month or two.”

Slivka reports, “Of course, news that Apple appears to be working on Mac OS X 10.7 is certainly not surprising given the long development time required to refine and polish Apple’s major operating system releases. While 10.6 incorporated many “under the hood” changes, however, some have speculated that we may see more radical end-user changes in 10.7.”

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Clouded Leopard is a beautiful cat, named for its spotted coat; it’s seldom seen in the wild and its habits remain quite mysterious.


  1. Clouded Leopard makes sense. Seems much more sleek and small then a leopard or a snow leopard. Of course Clouded Leopard must also allude to the new focus Apple has had of late on cloud computing.

  2. this is stupid. Companies are always working on the next big thing immediately, if not before the release of a product.

    What else would they be doing? Thumb twiddling?!

    This just in, Apple working on next gen iMac!”

    See how easy that was.

  3. Ii personally expect 7 in 2011. And I’m not at all surprised that they’ve already started.

    Frankly, knowing Apple, they already have a huge backlog of ideas they want to implement based on the amazing new possibilities that Snow Leopard has incorporated ‘under the hood’. The ideas they implemented in Snow Leopard were not looking back to preserve legacy technology but looking forward with vision to enable the future.

    I can’t wait! But I guess I have to.

  4. They could call it OS X Felicity, named after my gorgeous tabby cat who is purring next to me as I type this ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @ RL
    “….How about Cougar – an ode of the older women who use macs…”

    Didn’t Ford / Mercury have that one locked up.. back in the 60’s ? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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