Unboxing Apple’s behemoth 27-inch Core i7 iMac (with photos)

MacDailyNews readers Eric and Alicia L. have received their brand new 27-iMac Core i7 via FedEx and sent along some unboxing photos:

As you know the glass goes edge-to-edge, but the glass is also on the top of the front edge. If you run a finger along the top edge, it’s not perfectly flat. It has a non-uniform nature to it. Interesting.

Sadly, I didn’t realize that the no-cost change to the numeric keyboard means it’s NOT wireless (look closely online in the store, it just says “Keyboard” for the numeric keyboard option). A trip to the Apple Store today will happen. Hopefully they’ll do a free swapout. There can be no wires!

UPDATE: 12:43pm ET: Eric L. informs us: The bick-and-mortar Apple Retail Stores can’t make swaps from something bought online, but during a phone call to the Online Apple Store, they said they’d ship a wireless keyboard out free, with no need to return the wired one it came with. I know the $29-retail isn’t huge dollars, but it’s such a breath of fresh air dealing with GREAT customer service.

During 1st startup, I was able to plug in a Time Machine external drive, which brought over everything from the MacBook Pro. Painless.

Now I’ve got to take more movies of our kids to take advantage of all this! Oh, and our digital camera’s max resolution isn’t as much as the iMac now.

More info about Apple’s new iMacs here.

Thanks, Eric and Alicia — and congratulations!


  1. mine is en-route, can’t wait!

    I didn’t know Migration Assistant would let you set up a new machine from a Time Machine backup – that’ll be very handy, I’ve got my TM backup waiting

  2. The real problem is, the new eyboard that arrives will not have a numeric keypad….Apple’s brilliance fades on this. A wired keyboard is your only option if you want a numeric pad. Nice new computer, interface sucks.

  3. Criminently. Eight gigs of ram. Puts my puny two gigs to shame. I gotta believe this thing would leave my 2.16 GHz core 2 Duo wiping dust and gravel out of its eyes. And that ginormous monitor…

    Can’t afford one till next year, though. Until then, I’ll use this page as pr0n for occasional lust-fulfillment.

  4. No wires showing? Just put 4 rubber/felt spacers under the base and thread the keyboard cable underneath the base. You’ll see all of 1/2” inch of cable, and have a full keyboard.

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