Apple Online Store“Windows administrators, some understandably threatened by lack of knowledge, experience, and expertise with the Mac OS X platform, have dismissed Apple’s operating system, claiming it lacks enterprise capacity. Such administrators need now be more careful, as Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes important features that significantly boost the ease with which Macs join and function within enterprise environments,” Erik Eckel reports for TechRepublic.

“Macs have long been able to run Windows and Microsoft Office and share files securely with Windows servers and desktops. So incompatibility issues were eliminated a long time ago. But with Snow Leopard, now it’s even easier to connect a Mac client to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 than it is to connect to a Windows system, as Snow Leopard includes out-of-the-box support and can tap Exchange’s Autodiscovery feature,” Eckel reports. “Administrators need not purchase and install Microsoft Outlook, as Snow Leopard includes Exchange 2007-compatible email, calendaring and address book functionality that’s simple to configure and which leverages Active Directory for authentication.”

“Apple’s Mac resurgence, since OS X debuted, is well earned. The operating system’s performance, security, and reliability are well documented. With the release of Snow Leopard, the platform’s sixth iteration, Apple engineers have included numerous new features that provide important enterprise results,” Eckel reports. “Rhetoric, of course, is always part of any OS release. However, the fact Snow Leopard delivers remarkably and measurably faster performance than its already speedy predecessor is an important consideration for enterprise administrators. Consider the ease with which Snow Leopard connects users to Exchange servers, and you have new functionality that makes an immediate difference in the daily lives of enterprise IT department staffs and their users.”

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