AT&T asks federal court to force Verizon to pull ads with misleading coverage maps

New iPod touch 8GB, 32GB & 64GB“AT&T on Wednesday upped the ante in its legal spat with Verizon, accusing it in an amended complaint of twisting facts in a trio of holiday ads to make AT&T’s wireless network coverage look a lot worse than it is,” Leslie Cauley reports for USA Today. “AT&T on Wednesday night asked the federal court in Atlanta to force Verizon to pull the ads immediately.”

“Verizon spokesman Jim Gerace says it is holding firm: ‘What we are saying doesn’t change,'” Cauley reports.

“What Verizon has been saying is this: AT&T’s advanced ‘3G’ wireless coverage is paltry in comparison with Verizon’s. Its ad campaign, launched in October, features side-by-side coverage maps. The ads, which sparked AT&T’s initial lawsuit, say Verizon has five times more 3G coverage than AT&T,” Cauley reports. “AT&T doesn’t dispute the accuracy of the maps, but it says they are misleading. It says ‘white space’ in the maps, which denotes no 3G coverage, could be read to mean that AT&T has no coverage at all in those areas.”

Cauley reports, “In its own ads, AT&T claims to have the nation’s ‘fastest 3G’ network… [and the company] says it reaches 75% of the population with 3G.”

Full article here.

AT&T’s complaint in full is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jack F.” for the heads up.]


  1. Or they could just say what is good about att?!? Why not say your good points instead of calling names or attacking. Verizon is showing what they are strong in, coverage. att should say what they are good at, fight fire with fire.

  2. I don’t think they are lying, the mark the map correctely for 3G coverage. But why not show a map that shows something like … where we cover, we are 3 times faster (whatever the number is). Then maybe 2 iphones side by side and say ‘this is the wepage on att’ show a page rendering, then go to the other iphone (leave it off) and say ‘this is the iphone on verizon …

    Oh well, that the way I would. You show you are faster where you cover, and the other guy does not have your toy.

  3. @ @g4

    Then maybe 2 iphones side by side and say ‘this is the wepage on att’ show a page rendering, then go to the other iphone (leave it off) and say ‘this is the iphone on verizon …

    that’s not bad. The cut-scene showing a second phone with a dark screen and a blank map, is good, I get that, so perhaps you should go into marketing. I know Microsoft really struggles in this area and could use your ideas.


  4. @Gabriel
    What is the normal cancellation fee for a cell phone contract in the U.S? I live in Canada, so I find this quite interesting. All of our contracts are 3 years, not two, and cost 400$ to get out of, regardless of whether it’s a smartphone or not. Hell, if your with Rogers and have a data plan, they’ll charge you an extra 100$ to cancel the data plan on top of the 400$ for the plan. God help the Canadian cell phone market!

  5. @Gabriel

    It’s not defending in the way you seem to be thinking about it. It’s nothing against att, it’s just a few thing for me.
    1. verizon has better coverage where I am, so I use them. att just got 2 county permits for towers next year so they will improve.
    2. more iphones is a good thing (yes, I own apple stock).
    3. If some move to verizon from att, more bandwidth for the rest in those areas.
    I see it as win win for everyone.

  6. Verizon’d ads are accurate…

    In the past, AT&T;’s were not….

    Remember the ads where AT&T;claimed ‘The Fewest Dropped Calls”? A complete BOGUS claim as anyone who has AT&T;knows….

    Verizon did the correct thing & took it thru the FTC complaint process rather than take it to court. AT&T;had to pull the ads as a total LIE after the FTC ruling…

    Then AT&T;ran the ads claiming the ‘Best Coverage’, another BOGUS claim…. After Verizon complained, AT&T;had to change the ads to say ‘For The Best Coverage Worldwide’ as their US coverage is nowhere near as good as Verizon’s…

    Just look at their abysmal quality ratings in JD Powers & Consumer Reports annual surveys of network quality. They are either SECOND TO LAST, or DEAD LAST in EVERY region of the country for service quality….

    If they pursue this, I’m sure Verizon will use the opportunity to parade out all the deceitful ads AT&T;has run over the years….

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