Apple to expand size of new retail stores; accelerate openings

Apple Online Store“Senior vice president Ron Johnson, Apple’s retail guru, had some comments to share about the company’s upcoming retail plans for 2010,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“New Apple stores will be ‘slightly larger’ in 2010, and that will come as welcome news to Apple shoppers tired of literally rubbing elbows with one another in stores that have been so crowded with significant foot traffic. How significant? Well, keep in mind that Apple retail did $6.6 billion in revenue in 2009, and hosted a staggering 170 million visitors. Not bad for 273 locations around the world,” Goldman reports. “We constantly talk about how ‘crowded’ these stores are, so bigger spaces might alleviate that.”

Goldman reports, “More importantly, Apple now says it will open 40 to 50 new Apple stores this year, compared to earlier estimates of 25 to 50; over half the openings will be international.”

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  1. Open one in Fargo, ND please. We have the second largest Microsoft campus in the USA here, so it would be a good place to put one (to rub it in). Plus, we have four college campuses in town. Please Apple Please! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I’ve gone to the twelve oaks store in metro Detroit 3 three times over the last 2 weeks. Each and every time the store was packed, it looked like “Black Friday” traffic levels, an insane mass of people. They really need a bigger store there to accommodate more customers comfortably.

    It was hard to even get the attention of a sales weenie to ring up my purchase. I was wishing for old style Best Buy cashiers so I could at least get in line.

  3. The Apple Store at Legacy Village (east of Cleveland, OH) is always so crowded, it’s frustrating. I’ve learned that if you want a decent shot at getting help without wandering around for 10 minutes with a desperate look on your face, you need to be there at opening. Talk about a store being a victim of it’s own success!

    I love going to the Apple Store, but I’ll just buy from the (surpringly decent) Apple section of Best Buy if I don’t think I can avoid the crowds.


  4. “”More importantly, Apple now says it will open 40 to 50 new Apple stores this year, compared to earlier estimates of 25 to 50; over half the openings will be international.””

    Whoda thunk it. All this time I thought 25 to 50 included 40 to 50.

  5. At one time there had been talk of one being built in the Dayton, Ohio. IOnstead we got a reseller who doesn’t know dick about Apple or how to treat customers.And now they’r going to open a second outlet.

    Apple, put a REAL Apple store here. PLEASE!

  6. I live within 25 miles of five Apple stores and it’s still not enough. I have a lot of sympathy for people who don’t live to close to one but even if you did, they are so crowded its not even worth going unless you find time in the early morning or late at night. They could double the number of stores in Los Angeles and still make tons of money.

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