Verizon’s much-hyped Motorola Droid sold 1/10th the number of Apple iPhones sold in 1st weekend

Apple Online Store “Motorola Inc. probably sold 100,000 Droid phones in their first weekend on the market,” Hugo Miller and Amy Thomson report for Bloomberg.

“Verizon Wireless, the carrier for the device, had 200,000 Droid phones on hand, and most stores sold at least half of their stock, Mark McKechnie at Broadpoint AmTech Inc. said yesterday,” Miller and Thomson report.

“Motorola and Verizon are competing against a new version of Apple’s iPhone, offered in the U.S. through AT&T Inc. Apple sold more than 1 million of the latest model in its weekend debut in June,” Miller and Thomson report.

MacDailyNews Note: Back in July 2008, Apple sold over one million of the previous model, iPhone 3G, in its opening weekend, too.

Miller and Thomson report, “‘It wasn’t as good as the iPhone, but anybody that was expecting that had their expectations too high,’ said Jim Suva, an analyst at Citigroup Inc. in San Francisco… ‘I have this nagging suspicion that Android is being overestimated by technology enthusiasts,’ said KM Partners analyst Tero Kuittinen, who is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He advises investors to sell Motorola shares, which he doesn’t own. ‘They haven’t really resonated with average consumers.'”

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  1. I think Tero Kuittinen nailed it. The Android based phones are loved by engineers and tech heads, but really haven’t captured the minds of the consumer. Right now, it’s like the “Linux on the desktop” movement. Will that change? Maybe, it’s too early to say, but not any time soon.

  2. It’s a good thing there computer companies aren’t just going to walk in and make a better phone. Thank goodness Moto still knows what they’re doing.

    But seriously, as a long time Mac user who had to suffer through the 450 Mhz G4 days, I find it hard not to cackle in smirking revenge every time I read about how Moto can’t even compete with Apple in their own damn business.

  3. Is it just me, or wasn’t it already shown that Kuittinen, a Finn, is a Symbian lover?

    And, the estimate of Droid sales, by a Broadpoint analysts, “most stores sold at least half of their stock”, sounds extremely vague and unscientific.

  4. Why are mac fanbois all of the sudden playing the market share numbers card? You sound like Windows Advocates. Mac people should know good and well that the number of devices sold has very little to do with the success of the device. If the Droid makes Motorola money, then it is a success for Motorola. If Droid gets Verizon customers to upgrade their plans, then it is a success for Verizon. Droid doesn’t have to match the iPhone sale for sale to compete.

    I don’t understand the hate from Mac Fanboys (which I am typically one) on Android. Android is a solid OS and participates in Open Standards. Apple doesn’t even make an iPhone for Verizon.

    IMO, if for some reason you are stuck with Verizon, Droid is the best phone you can buy. If you are stuck with Sprint, the Pre is the best phone you can buy. If you are stuck with ATT, the iPhone is the best phone you can buy.

    Any fighting here is completely ridiculous.

  5. I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. Wasn’t this phone launched only in the US versus multiple carriers for the iPhone 3G and 3GS? If so, the fair comparison would be against 1st weekend of ATT activations.

    (Of course, the first weekend does not a product make. Need to sustain long term volumes, as the iPhone certainly does.)

  6. @ Dallasm
    > I don’t understand the hate from Mac Fanboys (which I am typically one) on Android.

    It comes from the anti-iPhone lies and hatred at the other end, and the way these competing products steal Apple’s ideas and claim them as “innovation.”

    Verizon blatantly lies about iPhone in their silly “iDon’t” campaign. Palm tried to position the Pre as an iPhone killer and mooches off iTunes illegally. Both companies (Palm and Moto’s cell business) are at the brink of bankruptcy because their years of incompetence and complacency are finally catching up with them and now they’re trying to jump on Apple’s innovations and produce “me too” products while claiming them as superior to the original.

    If these companies would produce a decent product and not hype it as an “iPhone killer” we’d be fine with it. Do you see any of us griping about the latest $29 touchscreen from Samsung or HTC?

  7. @Dallasm

    Why are mac fanbois all of the sudden playing the market share numbers card?

    That’s funny, ’cause no one in front of you said anything about market share.

    I don’t understand the hate from Mac Fanboys (which I am typically one) on Android.

    You don’t understand the “Mac Fanboys” hate?

    I think the problem is, you clearly have identity issues. For starters you can’t decide how to spell the name and secondly, you can’t relate to your own kind.

    Fanboys are haters, and contrarian by nature. But their disability comes and goes like the weather. Thankfully they are but a small, if not vocal, minority.

    I think most of us here on these boards want a droid of some kind to succeed in the marketplace for competition’s sake. I feverishly dislike the way the media characterizes all up and coming phones as “iPhone killers”. Why not just call them iPhone competitors?

    Anyone who objects to Verizon’s advertising approach regarding the iPhone should not overlook the fact that Apple has been bashing Microsoft unmercifully for years. I for one, can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it.

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