Nvidia CEO professes Apple Mac love while seated behind mysterious unmarked tablet (with photo)

Mike Schramm reports for TUAW, “Talk about burying the lead — Shufflegazine did a fluffy little piece on Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Hwang [sic] during a visit to Dubai recently, in which he talks about how much he and his family love their Macs, and Apple’s machines add value, and in his house it’s just ‘Mac, Mac, Mac,’ and OH MY GOD, what is that SITTING ON THE TABLE in front of him?

“This picture just appeared with Shufflegazine’s little piece and… there’s not word one about that tablet or anything like it in the piece, no hint of any other hardware or partnership announcement,” Schramm reports. “It could be a prototype, it could be another tablet we’re just not recognizing, or yes, Hwang could have just thrown it down on the table during the interview, and Shufflegazine could have just completely missed it.”

Full article here.

Shufflegazine’s article is here.

MacDailyNews Take: For Huang’s and Nvidia’s sake, we hope that’s not an Apple prototype, especially since it seems to be suffering from Microsoft’s patent-pending Red Ring of Death.


  1. If it is a iTablet prototype, he’s taking a really big chance taking it on a trip and another big chance having it on the table while his photo is being taken.
    In this picture he looks like a guy who was caught by his wife looking at porn.

  2. 1.His name is spelled Huang. Not Hwang.

    2. Although it could be an Apple tablet prototype, I doubt that Huang would reveal it for a photograph.

    3. I believe it is a Modbook Pro by Axiotron or else a prototype of the Modbook Pro (which is not yet available to consumers).


    The small LEDS to either side of the webcam are typical of the new Modbook Pro design and provide functionality related to the Modbook/Macbook.

  3. Unless the photog was using a seriously wide-angle lens, that’s one big bit of kit! About the size of a MacBook screen!
    Of course, they could have shot it with a near-fish-eye lens. It could be as small as … 9″? Maybe? We’re still talking about a pocketful of screen.
    Does anyone else remember when Osbourne (and Kaypro, and Compaq) marketed their goods as “portables”? And the magazines decided “transportables” suited better? I’m not saying this is as big as any of those, but it may not suit as a “tablet”, either.

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