AT&T attacks Verizon’s 3G map ads: ‘There’s a misrepresentation for that’

“As Verizon has stepped up its efforts to portray AT&T’s data network as sparse and largely unavailable, AT&T has published information that shows Verizon isn’t telling the whole story,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“Verizon began advertising its 3G coverage against AT&T’s in a series of ads poking fun at Apple’s ‘there’s an app for that’ iPhone commercials, presenting coverage maps of its own 3G CDMA/EVDO network in red against much more limited 3G service coverage maps for AT&T’s 3G network presented in blue,” McLean reports.

“The problem is that Verizon isn’t actually comparing the two company’s data networks; it restricts its comparison to ‘3G data’ because outside of 3G, Verizon doesn’t really have a data network; users revert to extremely slow CDMA 1xRTT service, which only provides dialup speed data access,” McLean reports.

Read much more in the full article here.


  1. R2: What are you smokin’???

    Didn’t you see the MDN post where the iPhone worked FASTER over WiFi going to the MiFi router connected through EV/DO on the Verizon network than it did directly over AT&T;’s UMTS network…. UMTS carries a mix of data & circuit-switched voice, which means that during busy hours, UMTS data speeds slow to a crawl (this was shown in the PC World tests between the 3G networks)… EV/DO doesn’t carry voice.. It’s a straight IP network… Voice travels over 1X (which btw is MUCH more efficient at carrying circuit-swithced voice than UMTS!)

    So you compare the ideal maximum speed of EVDO to a severely congested UMTS connection?

    Well, you can do that, but that is completely irrelevant and lopsided – and that you have to resort to that tells all about the severe disadvantage Verizon is at with their outdated EVDO network.

    Fact is that even a decent EDGE connection is already close to the throughput of an EVDO standard connection.

    I actually rarely switch to UMTS because “even” EDGE is already fast enough for most of my needs (browsing, Google Earth etc.) on T-Mobile Germany.

    So Verizon’s claims are severely misleading in terms of coverage – it is not to be expected that all mobile users will ever be happy about their connections or their plans at the same time.

    But under the circumstances deceptively acting as if AT&T;’s EDGE coverage didn’t exist at all or was as unusable as Verizon’s own extremely low-bandwidth fallback even though it is already comparable to their own “3G” offering while AT&T;’s UMTS network severely trounces them in terms of bandwidth where it’s available is simply dishonest.

    It is great if Verizon’s customers are happy with them. But that they apparently feel they have to resort to lies like these casts a rather dubious light on their business as a whole – and on apologists like yourself.

    R2: Now STFU since you’ve proven you’re a wireless moron!

    Well, you’ve just thoroughly disqualified yourself with that remark.
    Nothing more damning about your confidence in your own arguments than resorting to personal insults.

  2. G4Dualie: Hey ping, who’s your carrier, and which phone do you have, mmh?

    iPhone 3GS, T-Mobile Germany.

    G4Dualie: Tell us, k? So we can rip into you for your choices.

    Be my guest! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I agree 3g vs 3g is relevant to the add run. I also agree had Verizon said data instead of 3g that AT&T;would have fared better, but they didn’t. The bottom line I think is if you are skiing in colorado and want data when not on the slopes, get Verizon. If you want an Iphone and live where there is fast 3g go with AT&T;. If AT&T;wanted to push edge then they should advertise edge not 3G, and if People understood technology they would be on sprint 4g but coverage is key, go with who has the best product for you, and stop crying because it doesn’t matter which company you choose they all just want your money. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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