AT&T attacks Verizon’s 3G map ads: ‘There’s a misrepresentation for that’

“As Verizon has stepped up its efforts to portray AT&T’s data network as sparse and largely unavailable, AT&T has published information that shows Verizon isn’t telling the whole story,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“Verizon began advertising its 3G coverage against AT&T’s in a series of ads poking fun at Apple’s ‘there’s an app for that’ iPhone commercials, presenting coverage maps of its own 3G CDMA/EVDO network in red against much more limited 3G service coverage maps for AT&T’s 3G network presented in blue,” McLean reports.

“The problem is that Verizon isn’t actually comparing the two company’s data networks; it restricts its comparison to ‘3G data’ because outside of 3G, Verizon doesn’t really have a data network; users revert to extremely slow CDMA 1xRTT service, which only provides dialup speed data access,” McLean reports.

Read much more in the full article here.


  1. EDGE isn’t 3G. Verizon is doing an apples to apples comparison of the 3G networks, not an apples and oranges to apples comparison.

    Sorry if your come up short with SBC’s data network, I mean AT&T;’s data network, but that’s what you get with with SBC, I mean AT&T;.

  2. Sarasota: EDGE isn’t 3G. Verizon is doing an apples to apples comparison of the 3G networks, not an apples and oranges to apples comparison.

    What counts is the actual throughput and not the nominal label.

    And EDGE is in fact pretty close to EVDO, which itself is left in the dust by UMTS.


  3. “There’s a misrepresentation for that.” I love it. Nothing like AT&T;giving Verizon a swift kick in the groin.


    Most of the areas in the Mountain Time Zone without AT&T;3G coverage are primarily inhabited by cows and coyotes. Cows and coyotes don’t pay their cell phone bills so I’m not surprised they are a low priority for AT&T;.

  4. From what I read from the article, it appears that Verizon is comparing all data speeds (from slow EVDO to “high speed” 1.4 Mbit 3G) on their network to a limited to AT&T;’s 3G only data networks (current 3.6 Mbit UTMS 3G to newest 7.2Mbit) while excluding the slower, but larger EDGE coverage. Not very truthful, misleading, and very desperate on Verizon.

  5. It’s ashame that Daniel Eran Dilger has reduced himself to shilling for ATT just because of an exclusivity agreement. We know good and damn well that if the iPhone was a Verizon exclusive, he’d be singing the praises of EV-DO and its excellent coverage.

    And is that population map supposed to be an excuse for the complete lack of ATT coverage in those regions? LOL. How about people who have to TRAVEL through those areas, Daniel?

  6. Verizon cheats. Go to their site and check the maps. First, it is really difficult to figure out what is voice-only, what is slow data, what is broadband data. They hide behind their own naming for these services (“Voice and Messaging”, “Enhanced Services”, “Broadband and TV”), and it is really impossible only show the fastest coverage; they will only overlay that image on top of the slow network coverage, so there are fewer white spots. This is extremely, extremely low.

    I took the time to capture this map (with fast network coverage), bring it into Photoshop and remove the colours representing slower, non-broadband network coverage. The end result isn’t all that great, has plenty of white space precisely in the same places as AT&T, and when you compare AT&T’s EDGE with Verizon’s slow network coverage, AT&T may even have an, well, edge.

    AT&T’s law suit actually even may have merit here.

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