Jim Cramer: Motorola’s Droid disappoints, so buy Apple

Apple Online Store “Apple stalled out after its most recent quarter, Cramer said during Monday’s Stop Trading!, but the stock is ‘ready to roll,'” Tom Brennan reports for CNBC.

“Despite the hype, consumers seemed to shrug at Motorola’s new Droid smartphone,” Brennan reports.

“Cramer likened Apple to Google, which also paused after its earnings report, but should ramp on news that the company is buying AdMob, a mobile advertising firm,” Brennan reports.

“Cramer reiterated his 2010 price targets of $300 and $700 for Apple and Google, respectively,” Brennan reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) closed up $7.12, or 3.66%, to $201.46 at the end of regular trading today.


  1. I hate that name “Droid”. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but think about this scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation:

    “You got Ass Droids?” “No, but Verizon does.”

  2. As we’ve been saying since before these “iPhone killers” have started being released, this is a reprise of iPod history. People are thrilled with the Apple product. No-one is crying for something else. Blackberries look medieval by comparison. The imitators try to copy the look but can’t match Apple’s functionality, and then the iPhone gets better with each version. So the wannabes can only tear at each other’s share of the non-Apple market, the scraps.

  3. Would someone please put Jim Cramer out of our misery?!

    He’s an admitted Apple stock manipulator, aka asshole. Clearly, anything good he has to say about Apple is in his own personal benefit, and is therefore of questionable value.

    I bet the Google/Verizon Droit is a POS. But I’d rather that:
    (A) Someone qualified provide the review.
    (B) Jim Cramer STFU.

  4. Who takes any notice of Cramer any more? Self confessed market manipulator, he always has an angle. In this case, I want to believe what he’s saying, but the alarm bells are ringing so loud I can’t pay attention…

  5. I bet Droid is actually NOT a POS. This doesn’t make it anywhere near as good as the iPhone. It just makes it a decent attempt by Motorola.

    There are people who simply must be on Verizon (for various reasons). They are ecstatic (possibly orgasmic) that a device such as Droid has come to Verizon. Since they have no hope of getting an iPhone, Droid is infinitely better than anything else in the Verizon universe.

    I am happy for those Verizon users. Others are quite welcome to the iPhone (on AT&T).

  6. Apple is on the rise with most other tech stocks. Even M$hit is at a 52 week high.

    The good news is that the brokers seemed to have stopped their sell off and we’re off pumping appl again.

  7. Both Verizon and Cramer are arrogant POS’s.

    My wife refuses to get Verizon Fios due to their customer service, and, amazingly enough, their cell phones don’t work in our house. Which means, we finally get to leave Sprint (which has woked well for us all over) and go to AT & T for an iPhone, or, if AT & T still doesn’t work after the past two years, stick with Sprint and get an iPod Touch for myself!

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