Apple expands iPhone sales in Singapore; preps Qatar launch

Apple Online Store Apple is continuing to expand iPhone sales before the end of 2009.

MacNN reports, “Singapore is set to gain a third iPhone carrier in the form of StarHub, which will join competition with M1 and SingTel by the end of the year.”

In addtion, “Vodafone has announced a deal for Qatar, making it the first iPhone carrier in the Middle Eastern country,” MacNN reports.

More info in the full article here.


  1. Makes me wonder how much, if at all, competition has affected pricing on countries where more than one carrier exist. Gotta hand it to Singapore- three carriers?? It’d be nice to have that selection here stateside

  2. @Urlow

    Having multiple carriers capable of supporting the iPhone requires that they all use the same technology and frequencies.

    Here in the wild west USA, every major carrier uses different technologies and/or frequencies.

    Until the US carriers settle on one standard for all, I do not expect Apple to support anyone other than ATT, who uses the standard the rest of the world uses.

    (Yeah, I’m looking at you, scum sucking vermin Verizon.)

  3. @Urlow

    In Australia, we have 5 carriers (Telstra, optus, voda, virgin, 3) that support the iPhone. But only Telstra supports the 850hz band while the others use 900hz and 2100hz.

  4. Qatar got the iPhone last year, according to MDN. Saudi and UAE too. Bahrain, sadly for me, still has no official carrier though three carriers will sell it to you and one has a package.

  5. yoyo, the iPhone can not be purchased through Qtel in Qatar. Yes, you can use it, but it’s not yet officially supported or sold. And BTW, Vodaphone’s deal with Apple is only a wild speculation. Qtel is the dominant player in Qatar and there’s no way that Apple would pick a competitor with less than 10% of the userbase.

  6. Let’s hope Al Quida doesn’t use the iPhone:


    Is not the name of an iPhone app that you want to see in the Store.

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