Apple begins shipping 27-inch Core i5 iMacs

Apple Store“Apple this morning began sending notices that it has started shipping at least Core i5-equipped versions of the 27-inch iMac,” Electronista reports.

“The company’s first quad-core consumer desktop is now listed for Electronista and readers as ‘prepared for shipment’ with an unspecified ship date,” Electronista reports. “Such scheduling suggests that the earliest orders may arrive within the week.”

Electronista reports, “While shipping the quad-core iMacs, Apple has nonetheless warned that new orders for 27-inch Core 2 Duo models are facing a shipping delay of 7-10 business days.”

Full article here.


  1. I ordered the 27″ iMac Core i5 just 5 minutes after it was announced (on Oct 20), and today I spoke to the Apple Store call centre to track my order, and it’s due between Nov 25 and Dec 1st! They claim that the ATI 4850 graphics chip is causing the delay. How come other people are getting their iMac shipped sooner? I can’t believe they ordered it any earlier than me. The only detail: I’m based in London in the UK. I guess US orders are always shipped before the rest of the world…

  2. I would say that this report or article is probably jumping the gun a bit. I think we all know that these won’t be shipped until they are ready to ship. As as with my previous Apple Store experience, I expect I will be the first to know when my i7 is shipped.
    But now i feel a need to caution those who have ordered them. Apparently these are very popular items, and a lot of them have been ordered. The sheer volume of orders may cause additional minor delays in shipping. On the good side, we all know, as well, that Apple is the best when it comes to inventory control and efficient handling.

  3. I’m still wondering if these are the cause of the unusual increased freight charges.

    My iBook G4 is croaking and I need the i7 asap. The Store near me thinks they’ll get it sometime in November.

    Meanwhile we do a pass-thru of the store frequently and touch and drool. Yesterday the crowds around the 27″ers was huge.

  4. @breeze: Have you tried the new keyboard? It looks like it was made by Mattel. Light, cheap feel. No heft, can’t put it on your lap without a breeze blowing it off. The size of this thing looks ridiculous when positioned in front of the 27 imac.

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