The Seattle Times: Apple’s MobileMe comes of age; now worth the price

MobileMe - Apple Store (U.S.)“Apple has finally assembled a set of features for its hosted MobileMe service that makes it worth its subscription fee for the right user. As a critic of the service in the past, I find myself with naught but praise these days,” Glenn Fleishman reports for The Seattle Times.

“Apple’s hosted service has gone through three name changes and innumerable feature modifications over its lifetime, but now has a strong appeal to many iPhone or iPod touch owners, as well as those who have Macs at multiple locations,” Fleishman reports.

“MobileMe got off to a rough start when Mac was shifted to its new name, look, and feature set in mid-2008; it was so bad that Steve Jobs issued public apologies,” Fleishman reports. “It took months of improvements, but Apple hit its stride with its two key improvements: push-based synchronization, where changes made anywhere are pushed immediately to all other devices associated with an account; and rich Web applications for accessing data away from your own computer.”

Fleishman reports, “The feature I find myself using most on a Mac is Back to My Mac, which gives me remote access over the Internet among Macs under my control… Yes, this is the same tool to which I devoted a previous column complaining about how poorly it worked, despite its promise. That’s changed. Apple has definitely improved the ability to make and keep a connection.”

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  1. interesting that Ed Bott mentioned a hosting service for contacts and email for 10 bucks a month, and Leo and Paul were saying its a great deal…
    that’s 120 bucks a year. if it was from Apple, Paul would be fuming.

  2. It still takes way too long to connect to the iDisk and upload large files. It makes no sense for Apple to not have figured that out yet. It sucks that I have to use Dropbox when I’m paying for Mobile Me.

  3. Sorry, but I’ve never been able to get “back to my mac” to work. I use a Clearwire modem connected to an Airport Extreme. My last setup didn’t work either, with my Airport Extreme connected to a linksys DSL modem. It says I should have NAT-PMP or UPnP turned on to work, but can’t figure out where these settings are, or how to turn them on. What a pain! This is Apple we’re talking about here, shouldn’t it just work?

  4. Grego,

    I had that probelm as well, my AT&T;-supplied modem/router didn’t support UPnP and NAT, So I had to disable the router features and by a modem that did support it.

    I’m sure your linksys router supports these, you just have to access your router’s admin tools to enable it. The router manual should explain how to do it.

  5. @ Destro,

    Appreciate the assistance, but that was my past setup and I no longer have the linksys. I now use the Clearwire modem for WiMax and haven’t been able to figure this one out. Yes I’ve looked at the manual, but all that does is confuse me.

    Thanks anyway,

  6. @ Grego

    I sell CLEAR and I diagnose computer issues of all kinds. Your Clearwire WiMAX modem is just that – a modem. It does not have a built-in router. You need to plug the Clearwire modem into a NAT or UPnP capable router, then plug your target computer into the router in order for B2MM to work correctly. Linksys has great support for UPnP. The Airport Extreme uses NAT.

  7. @Grego
    I’m using it with a Linksys router on a laptop & MacMini.
    In the past using Leopard, I could only get it to work on the laptop – and I tried everything that I could think of.
    Now that the Mini is running Snow Leopard, it works perfectly.
    The laptop is still running Leopard.
    Go figure.

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