PC demand did not grow significantly after Windows 7ista launch say PC vendors

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“Demand for PCs and hardware did not turn strong after the launch of Windows 7 in late October and is unlikely to do so in 2009 due to most Windows Vista users not needing to replace their PCs in order to upgrade to Windows 7, while some users are waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 7’s first service pack, according to sources at PC vendors,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

MacDailyNews Take: Promises, promises, ad infinitum. That Stockholm Syndrome is some bitch; she’ll have you waiting forever.

Chen and Tsai continue, “Some notebook vendors are also facing surplus inventory as they placed a lot of Windows 7-based notebook orders in the third quarter hoping to satisfy demand during the peak season, but market demand has turned out to be weaker than expected.”

“With both notebook and desktop vendors affected, most of component partners are also expected to be impacted with shipments in the fourth quarter to stay flat or drop sequentially,” Chen and Tsai report.

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Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune, “Microsoft got a big boost according to NPD’s weekly tracking data, racking up sales of Windows 7 that were 234% higher than Vista’s during its first few days of sales. But PC makers didn’t make out quite as well. Although they had a relatively strong week, with unit sales up 49% year over year and 95% from the week before, it was nothing like Vista’s launch in Feb. 2007. Then, sales soared 68% year over year and 170% from the week before.”

“Another thing to remember about that Vista launch week is that it set a relatively low bar. Retail Vista sales were considerably below Microsoft’s forecast — almost 60% lower than sales of Windows XP during its first week in 2001,” Elmer-Dewitt reports. “Apple, of course, sells both OS X and the Macs that run it, so when it launched Snow Leopard in August, it made money on both sides of the deal.”

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  1. Ballmer distracts from declining sales and earnings, layoffs, tepid consumer acceptance, with claims of a huge 7ista debut, citing having “beaten estimates” for the quarter, and a new, colorful (and doomed) retail push.

    It’s amazing to hear business pundits praising all the “recent good news” on msft when the actual evidence points the opposite direction. This is not even smoke-and-mirrors, just pure misrepresentation, vapor ware, and pr. The truth is plain to see for anyone willing to look.

  2. Speaking of Windows 7…….. and the Windows Stores!!!

    Anyone know how they are doing a week after the openings.???

    If you live near one, drop by over the weekend and then let MDN know.

    I, for one, am very curious.

    Just a thought,

  3. @troy
    Ballmer can say that. What could make it true is that Vista had the sorriest launch of a Windows product yet.
    Kinda like it would be a record if Tiger Woods came in dead last.

  4. Just looked at the current Amazon.com software bestsellers list: numbers 1 and 2 are XP/Vista versions of Office Student (nr 1) and Norton AV (well, you kinda need that…);
    Nr 3 is Sista (thanks for the suggestion @Black Omega…) Home whatever upgrade, 4 is Snow Leopard;
    Then follow a bunch of other things (including some more Sista upgrades at ridiculous prices), 9 even being Office for Mac…

    Kinda funny to see that the alleged king of marketshare apparently barely outsells the rounding error of OS’es…
    Also kinda eye-opening to see the Sista whatever upgrades starting from $ 100 upwards, with the $ 25 Snow Leopard making quite a statement there…

    Switching to the Laptops sections: nr 4 and 5: MBP and the plastic MacBook…

    And best of all: in the desktop section only numbers 3, 4, 9, and 10 are non-Apple (1 and 2 are minis, 5-8 iMacs…)…

    Wow, just wow…

    My wife’s been telling me I should sell our shares (not that I have many, bought some at 60, been hitting my head hard for not buying more), but I guess I’ll hold on to them for some while.

    Tipping point, tipping point…

    (my brother, longtime anti-Apple called last week: hey, I want to buy me an iMac, which one should I take…)

  5. It just goes to show that the typical Costco/Walmat PC shopper does not care about the OS. They just care about the price and buy the special of the week when they need the new PC. And it comes with whatever OS it happens to have installed. The Windows 7 launch was basically a non-event for the majority of Windows users.

    Mac users, on the other hand, have made a deliberate decision to use a Mac OS X computer. They are generally more savvy and knew about (and cared about) Snow Leopard when it was released, and were eager to upgrade when Apple decided to price it at $29.

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