PC demand did not grow significantly after Windows 7ista launch say PC vendors

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“Demand for PCs and hardware did not turn strong after the launch of Windows 7 in late October and is unlikely to do so in 2009 due to most Windows Vista users not needing to replace their PCs in order to upgrade to Windows 7, while some users are waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 7’s first service pack, according to sources at PC vendors,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

MacDailyNews Take: Promises, promises, ad infinitum. That Stockholm Syndrome is some bitch; she’ll have you waiting forever.

Chen and Tsai continue, “Some notebook vendors are also facing surplus inventory as they placed a lot of Windows 7-based notebook orders in the third quarter hoping to satisfy demand during the peak season, but market demand has turned out to be weaker than expected.”

“With both notebook and desktop vendors affected, most of component partners are also expected to be impacted with shipments in the fourth quarter to stay flat or drop sequentially,” Chen and Tsai report.

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Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune, “Microsoft got a big boost according to NPD’s weekly tracking data, racking up sales of Windows 7 that were 234% higher than Vista’s during its first few days of sales. But PC makers didn’t make out quite as well. Although they had a relatively strong week, with unit sales up 49% year over year and 95% from the week before, it was nothing like Vista’s launch in Feb. 2007. Then, sales soared 68% year over year and 170% from the week before.”

“Another thing to remember about that Vista launch week is that it set a relatively low bar. Retail Vista sales were considerably below Microsoft’s forecast — almost 60% lower than sales of Windows XP during its first week in 2001,” Elmer-Dewitt reports. “Apple, of course, sells both OS X and the Macs that run it, so when it launched Snow Leopard in August, it made money on both sides of the deal.”

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  1. The PC makers are struggling to make a few pennies off each of their sub $1000 POS, while Apple manhandles the over $1000 computer market.

    Keep fighting boys until you all go bankrupt and the only PCs that can run Windows have Chinese or India names on them. Oh wait, you can run Windows on a Mac. Not that a sane person would want to sully their Mac with that POS.

  2. Until MS bring out something better than a more pretty app launcher with less nagging then forget it.

    Parallels 5 lets me put Exchange and Dynamics CRM on the Dock with a total MacOS X look and feel using MacLook. Crystal removes even the Parallels app icon and the whole app takes no processing time when no apps are running.

    Its like someone created WINE versions of these apps (WINE can’t do Dynamics). I can run all the apps that WINE cannot. Plus the hard drive auto expands and compresses as needs. Everything can be locked down and even reset after each session (useful for schools or public PCs).

    I can’t think of any reason to more to Windows 7 as nothing I run requires it. I can truly run the best of Mac, Win and Linux apps fast with a consistent look and feel.

  3. There is a bit of hope for PC manufacturers in that some people may be waiting to get a new PC for Christmas and the Christmas shopping is (at least at our house) just barely starting to even be thought about.

    But, maybe some will be smart and just get a Mac. There are some great deals on a refurbished 24″ iMac.

  4. And why should it? Mac don’t sell just because of OS/X, they sell because of the overall experience that they deliver, of which the operating system is a part.

  5. “…while some users are waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 7’s first service pack”

    Uh, didn’t Vista have Service Packs? How did that work out? I guess the saying should be “a fool and his money are EVENTUALLY parted”.

  6. I was amazed yesterday when my PC loving mate asked my which iMac he should buy as he was fed up with Windows. I didn’t see that coming! An hour later he ordered a 21″ iMac.

  7. My gf’s brother-in-law asked me one week ago about switching to a mac as he was fed up with the problems of windows (ie, the viruses, malwares and the winblows tax).. he took a look at the new macbooks and he’s a happy convert now…..

  8. Well with news today that the unemployment is now above two digit mark and climbing, I don’t expect folks to rush and get a lot of computers, particularly focusing on enterprise and corporate customers. We know that Apple is gaining within the consumer space. Only imagen Apple’s numbers if there would have not been a recession.

  9. The other day I was in Wal-Mart and played around with a new laptop to see Win 7. I don’t know what I clicked on but a window came up asking me about inserting a floppy disk (to be fair it also said USB drive under it.) I had to stop myself from laughing so hard. A floppy disk, wow how far they come. I wonder if I can pick some up at the MS store?

  10. No surprise. Vista killed old machines while 7 gives them new life. I’ve got six year old Thinkpads running better than ever now that they have 7. CFO’s love that. Ironically, I need to buy new Macs so that my users can run Snow Leopard and ditch Entourage. Win some, lose some.

  11. Whats pathetic is that no matter how crappy it is, that POS will still
    have 95+ percent market share. How sad is that. Producing a POS and still manage to dominate an entire industry worldwide.

  12. Did any body watch Steve Ballmer yesterday saying windows 7ista already broke all selling records? That guy don’t read papers or some body is feeding him with wrong info in order to not get fired.

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