Computerworld: Apple’s new $999 MacBook offers sleek style, solid performance

Apple Store“If you’re looking for the performance of a MacBook Pro without the Pro price, then you’re going to like Apple’s newly updated MacBook,” Michael DeAgonia reports for Computerworld.

“The MacBook, unveiled with updates to the iMac and Mini lines last month, is still priced at $999 — $200 less than the 13-in. aluminum-clad MacBook Pro. But compared to the model it replaces, Apple’s latest entry-level portable delivers an updated architecture, a beefier hard drive and a higher-quality screen,” DeAgonia reports.

“The biggest change from the old model is the redesigned plastic housing, which is created using Apple’s ‘unibody’ manufacturing process. While still encased in the shiny white plastic that has been the hallmark of the line for years, Apple’s latest MacBook forgoes the boxy look in favor of flowing lines, swooping angles and a precision fit,” DeAgonia reports. “The end result is a solid laptop that feels sculpted instead of assembled and has the processing power users need.”

“Is the MacBook right for you? It is, if you’re looking to trim costs as much as possible but still want a high-quality Apple laptop. All things considered, the MacBook’s build quality, LED screen, updated components and, of course, Snow Leopard make it a solid deal at $999,” DeAgonia reports.

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  1. “If you’re looking for the performance of a MacBook Pro without the Pro price”

    Saunter over the the Apple store refurb. site and buy a MacBook Pro for the same $999 price. Plus, you get firewire and an illuminated keyboard.

  2. Just picked one up a few days ago, VERY happy with it. It’s really solid, and the textured underside is very handy when you put it on your lap, etc…no sliding. Love the new screen too. Worth the price!

  3. Al,
    I haven’t seen one yet but the pictures I’ve seen make these new MacBooks look bulkier than the old ones. Although I think the size specs are about the same. Do you agree?

  4. Cubert, Macs are still way more expensive. And don’t give me all the included app crap. Most people don’t care. They want a computer they can surf and email with and look a pictures and any PC at any price will do that. Most don’t care about all the iApps period.

    They certainly don’t care about longevity because they think all computer only last 3 years tops. They don’t care about viruses because they have been told that all computers get viruses.

    Just go to the Mac help forums. Every switcher that comes there, already owns a Mac at that point, but still think they need antivirus software. They do not believe otherwise.

    People buy what is cheapest. That is the sole reason that Windows dominates the world computer market. Back in the early days of computers m$ operated machines were cheaper because everybody and their dog made a PC that ran m$ OS, were in high competition with each other and therefor were CHEAP. Apple did not need to compete with them to make a gob of money. Apple made a better product, charged accordingly as they still do and that is why the world is the way it is. People will not change. They will continue to buy the cheapest.

  5. We do not want any more switchers. That will spoil the Mac if all the dummies switch over and it runs m$ out of business. Apple will no longer have any competition or any reason to try. Leave the PC people alone to their misery. Don’t invite the losers to your party.

  6. Re: alsoran

    Microsoft was never a reason for Apple to try – they were always so far ahead it was ridiculous. If Microsoft died the market would open up and we’d quickly see other companies introduce new OSes that were much better and honestly competitive with MacOS in terms of quality. Right now there is no point in trying to do that because no one but Microsoft can make money selling an OS. (Apple makes money from hardware.)

  7. Cubert,

    Not too sure if it is thicker than the old version, although the new curved shape makes it easier to carry around. It feels quite thin, sturdy, and its easy to port around.

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