Three reasons why Apple’s App Store will hit 200,000 apps in 2010

Apple Online Store “Apple’s App Store this week crossed a major milestone when the number of approved applications available for download passed the 100,000 mark,” Steven Burke reports for ChannelWeb.

“In only 16 months, the App Store has far surpassed any and all competitors for the number, breadth and depth of consumer and professional-based applications for smartphones. And many of them are free. So far more than 2 billion applications have been downloaded from the App Store,” Burke reports

Burke writes, “Don’t look now. The 100,000 mark is only the beginning. Here are three reasons why Apple’s App Store is destined to hit the 200,000 mark in 2010.”

1. The Apple App Store Makes It Easy To Download Apps
2. The Apple App Store Has Big Brand-Name Applications
3. Apple Is Making It Easy For Developers

The above three reasons are explained in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 4. Future iPhone OS app-compatible device(s).

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    The reason that the app store will continue growing is not because it has big-name apps. It is the exact opposite. It is because for the first time in 20 years, small developers with great ideas can actually get their products in front of people without jumping through hoops and being forced to change an app.

    The app store allows a single developer with an idea to go head to head with the million dollar developers, and the best man CAN (and does) win.

  2. The number of apps may slow however as they’ll be fewer free and paid versions of the same app, which I think today is counted as two apps. Instead it’ll just be a single free version with in-app purchasing for additional features or levels or content.

    And also those apps that differ in price just by the amount of points included will also disappear.

  3. 200k apps?

    I’m thinking more like 400K apps by the end of 2010. It took 16 months for the first 100K, and I think it will take 8 months for the next 100K and 4 months for the next 100k and 2 months for the next. That’s only 14 months.

    We’ll have to ical this and see.

  4. a game like mafia wars has 3 apps for the same game
    and 6.99

    there will be less apps next year because of in app purchases. so the free app will be upgradeable to a full paid app. Reducing the number of apps that have to be published for a singular app

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