Fortune posts collection of rare photos of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

In concert with naming Apple CEO Steve Jobs “CEO of the Decade” today, Fortune has posted a collection of rarely seen photos of the Apple co-founder.

The collection ranges from How it all began (At age 21, in 1976, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in Jobs’ family garage in Los Altos, Calif. Jobs’ father removed his car restoration equipment and brought home a wooden workbench that served as Apple’s first manufacturing base. Jobs returned to the empty garage in 1996 to be photographed for Fortune) to The recovery (Steve Jobs sat in this chair every day at his home as he recovered from pancreatic cancer treatment in 2004. He had surgery in July of that year to remove a tumor).

See the photos, including a 1991 photo of Jobs and Bill Gates in Jobs’ Palo Alto home on a Sunday evening, here.


  1. Way cool. He is such an interesting person that I would be scared to meet him in real life. Scared because I would hate to have that bubble burst by finding out that he was too arrogant or too weird or too…anything…and that I would be disappointed.

  2. No,no.

    Come on. The CEO of the decade is Hussein Obama. Fortune, come on guys, give him the award.

    He has never run anything, and it shows now. Never done anything for peace, but he got the Nobel for it. So it is logical he should get this award to, for what he will do at some point in the future, right?

    Hell, give Hussein an Oscar next go around, too, for acting. Maybe he actually earned that one.

  3. Those early pix of Steve, Sexiest Man Ever !!! Stunning good looks, graceful, exotic, vital, fierce intelligence, gorgeous eyes, humor bubbling through, joy in life.

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